Top Open Source Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs) Providers

This page lists top Open Source Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs) Providers or companies with their products. Following tools are used to build, deploy and manage public and private clouds.

Open Source cloud management platform (CMP) providers Description
Apache CloudStack • It is used to create, deploy and manage cloud services.
• It uses existing hypervisors such as KVM, VMWare VSphere, etc. for virtualization.
• Website :
Cloudify • It is used as open source software cloud and NFV orchestration product.
• It is designed using Python and uses OASIS TOSCA technology.
• It allows users to model and automate an application's entire life cycle.
• Tasks performed include application modelling, orchestration, pluggability, security.
• Website :
Eucalyptus • Implements IaaS methodology for solutions in private and hybrid clouds.
• It is designed with extensible and modular architecture for web services.
• It implements industry standard AWS API.
• Website :
ManageIQ • It is used for hybrid IT environments with a mix of public and private clouds.
• It supports multiple technologies such as virtual machines, public clouds and containers.
• It allows users to download any virtual appliance and deploy copies of it into virtualization platforms like OpenStack or VMware.
• Variants : Vagrant, Docker, Public cloud
• Website : • It is a platform which simplifies cloud management and helps users prevent vendor and complexity lock-in.
• It offers cost and usage reporting, RBAC, management, provisioning, orchestration, monitoring and automation for servers across public and private clouds, docker containers and KVM hypervisors.
• Website :
OpenStack • Software controls large pools of compute, storage and networking resources throughout a data centre.
•  It is managed through a dashboard or via OpenStack API.
• Website :
OpenQRM • It provides complete and automated workflow engine for all bare metal and VM deployment, IT sub systems etc.
• It enables professional management and monitoring of data centre and cloud capacities.
• It provides web based open source data centre management and cloud platform.
• OpenQRM integrates proven open source management tools such as Nagios and Zabbix.
• Main features are : Supports P2V, P2P, V2P, V2V migrations and high availability. Integrated billing system which maps CCU/h (cloud computing units) to real currency.
• Website :
OpenNebula • It is used to build private clouds and manage data centre virtualisation.
• This platform manages a data centre's virtual infrastructure to build private, public and hybrid implementations of Infrastructure as a Service.
• Primary users are data centre virtualisation solutions and cloud infrastructure solutions.
• It supports numerous APs like AWS EC2, EBS and OGF OCCI.
• Powerful UNIX based CLI for administration.
• Provides GUI for cloud customers and data centre professionals.
• Supports SSH and X.509 for security
• Website :
VirtEngine • It supports laaS, PaaS and SaaS.
• This platform as a service allows customers to deploy applications in a few clicks.
• It helps users build both public and private clouds within very little time and supports infrastructure platforms and other storage devices.
• Main features are : Access control, demand and supply monitoring, cost management, automatic launch, DNS support, self healing, cloud native, multi-locations, docker containers, cloud virtual machines and migration tools.
• Website:

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