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This page covers Tilt switch basics with features of popular Tilt switch. It mentions Tilt switch manufacturers or Tilt switch vendors.

What is Tilt switch ?
• The switch becomes ON or OFF based on degree of tilt or inclination. Tilt switch is an electromechanical switch which are of various types.
• The most common are mercury tilt switch and ball type tilt switch.
• In mercury switch, blob of mercury is used for making contact in a glass bulb.
• In ball type tilt switch rolling balls are used to make contact with the leads.

Mercury Tilt Switch Ball type tilt switch

The figure-1 depicts both mercury type and ball type of tilt switches.
Refer Tilt sensor basics and types >>.

Tilt switch features

Following are the silent features of Tilt switch.
• Contact capacity (e.g. 0.3 A, 24V AC or 24V DC)
• Number of axes which determines tilt direction
• Operating angle i.e. make angle
• Return angle i.e. break angle
• Maximum forward current
• Tilt switch type (Ball type, mercury etc.)

Tilt switch Manufacturers

Following table lists popular Tilt switch manufacturers or vendors.

Tilt switch Manufacturers Description
Comus Global • Model: CW1300
• SPST, Through Hole
• Ball type
Panasonic • AHF22 (tilt sensor)
• Differential angle from 25 to 60 degrees.
• Current 19mA
• Surface mount type
Parallax • Model: 28036
• 4 directional tilt sensor
• 6 pin DIP for surface mount application
•  requires 3 to 5.5 VDC
• Provide 2 pin output (either high or low)
RS Components Ltd. • Mercury and Non-Mercury tilt switches in various specifications are available.

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