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Thermopile sensor manufacturers | Thermopile sensor Vendors

This vendors/manufacturers section of RF Wireless World provides list of Thermopile sensor manufacturers and Thermopile sensor vendors. Thermopile sensor manufacturers list contain email ids, websites and products brief.

What is Thermopile sensor:
The electronic sensor device which converts thermal energy into electrical energy is known as thermopile sensor. It uses series of thermocouples connected in series or parallel for its operation. It is widely used as contactless temperature measurement with the help of absorption of infrared radiation.

Thermopile sensor structure

Due to use of infrared frequency for temperature measurement, it is also known as Infrared temperature sensor.

Following table lists popular manufacturers or vendors of Thermopile sensor.

Thermopile sensor Manufacturers Description
Excelitas Technologies Corp.
Website: https://www.excelitas.com
North America Phone : (+1) 800 775 6786
TE Connectivity, USA
Website: https://www.te.com
Phone (US) : +1 610 893 9800
Melexis Inc. Infrared Sensor having Wide Temperature Sensing
Part Number: MLX90616
Website: https://www.melexis.com
Tel: +1 248 306 5400 (for Sales enquiries in Detroit US)
Texas Instruments (TI) Infrared thermopile sensor
Part numbers: TMP006, TMP007
Website: www.ti.com
Dexter Research MI. 48130 U.S.A.
Website: https://www.dexterresearch.com/
Email: info@dexterresearch.com
Phone: +1 (734) 426-3921
Cytron Technologies
Website: www.cytron.com.my
Email: sales@cytron.com.my
Phone: 04-548 0668
Edmund Optics coherent thermopile power sensor
Website: https://www.edmundoptics.com/
Phone: 1-800-363-1992 (USA)
Website: https://www.nicera.co.jp
Email: ip-sales@nicera.co.jp
Phone: +81-857-53-4666
PASCO Scientific, CA 95747 USA
Website: https://www.pasco.com
Email: mkotlyar@pasco.com
Kentek Corporation, USA Website: https://www.kenteklaserstore.com/
Toll free: 1-800-432-2323
Phone: (+1) 603-223-4900


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