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This page mentions Temperature sensor vendors or manufacturers. It mentions part numbers of Temperature sensor from different manufacturers/vendors.

About Temperature Sensor:
The device which senses temperature and provides output in analog or digital format is known as temperature sensor.
Refer temperature sensor basics and types.

Following technical specifications are considered while selecting the right temperature sensor as per system requirements.
• Temperature range which can be measured
• Output voltage in mV
• Accuracy or tolerance of temperature measurement
• Supply voltage
• Sensor gain (average slope) in mV/Degree C
• Load Regulation in mV/mA
• Line Regulation in mV/V

Temperature sensor Vendors or Manufacturers Part Number with Description
NXP Semiconductor Part Nos: KTY81, KTY82
TI Part Nos: LM34, LM35, LM335
TE connectivity corp.
Vernier Software & Technology, USA different types of temperature sensors are available from 50 degreeC to 150 degreeC
United Electric Controls, MA. Manufactures RTD type of temperature sensors
Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. The company manufactures different types which include diode based, RTD based (positive and negative) sensors.
Dwyer Instruments RTD, thermocouple, thermistor types are available.
Silicon Labs Si705x digital sensor with I2C interface
Si7015 and Si7021 are humidity/temperature sensors
Omega many types are provided, visit website.
Siemens SITRANS TS series of temperature sensors are available from Siemens
Microchip Technology Inc. AT30TS74 (SMBus and I2C based temperature sensor)

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