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This page mentions list of Tactile sensor manufacturers or vendors. The popular manufacturers of Tactile sensor include Pressure Profile Systems Inc., Weiss Robotics, Spectra Symbol, Peratech Holdco Ltd., Tekscan Inc., Sensor Products Inc. etc.

Introduction: The term "tactile" refers to percentible by touch. The sensor which acquires tactility information by physical touch is known as tactile sensor. They are used in the form of array to provide more accurate tactile sensing. These sensors directly establishes contact with the objects. Tactile sensors take care of measurements of various quantities which include pressure distribution, texture, thermal conductivity, temperature, shape, moisture, slippage, vibrations etc.

Tactile sensors are widely used in industrial, robotic and medical applications as touch screens for various computing devices.

Tactile sensor

There are variety of tactile sensor models available from numerous vendors or manufacturers. Following are the common features one should consider for selecting tactile sensor as per requirements.
• Sensitivity• Dynamic range• Response time • Overall size• Spatial resolution• Measurement speed • Drift• Signal to Noise Ratio• Defect tolerance • Susceptibility to external interference• Reliability • Robustness• Communication interface• Force direction • Robustness etc.

The common tectile techniques used in tactile sensors are resistive, capacitive, inductive, piezoresistive, piezoelectric, magnetic, optoelectric, ultrasonic, tunnel effect etc. Refer advantages and disadvantages of tactile sensor types >> for more information.

Tactile sensor Manufacturers

Following table mentions popular manufacturers of Tactile sensor.

Manufacturers Description
Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. Manufactures capacitive and resistive tactile sensors.
Weiss Robotics Manufactures conductive rubber type tactile sensors.
Spectra Symbol Manufactures variable resistance type tactile sensors.
Peratech Holdco Ltd. Manufactures quantum tunneling composite type tactile sensors.
Tekscan, Inc. United States The company manufactures tactile sensor solutions for automotive, robotics, grip pressure measurement and so on.
Sensor products Inc. The company manufactures tactile sensors of various types such as resistive, force sensing, magnetic, optical etc.

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