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List of Satellite or Spacecraft manufacturers in INDIA,UK,USA

This vendors section mentions satellite or Spacecraft manufacturers in INDIA,UK and USA. It mentions list of Spacecraft manufacturers in INDIA, UK and USA which undertakes manufacturing of satellite or spacecraft parts as well as carried out integration activities and supplies the spacecraft parts.

As we know spacecraft is designed and developed to be placed in the orbits (LEO, GEO) around the Earth. It is mainly used for wireless communication to provide voice and data connectivity to remote inaccessible hilly regions. It operates in L, C, Ku and Ka frequency bands.

satellite parts

The Spacecraft consists of many components as shown in the figure-1. It consists of Antennas used for communication and command, solar cells for converting solar energy to electrical energy, batteries to provide power, radio transmitter/receiver to send/receive RF signals, fuel to help it operate, motor for mechanical movement to keep it in the orbit, thrusters to control its movement under control in three axes, camera to capture the photos from the universe etc.

The main part which does transmission and reception of the RF signals is known as transponder. The spacecraft transponder does frequency translation as well as amplification of the radio frequency signal.

Spacecraft manufacturers in INDIA

Spacecraft manufacturers in INDIA Description
ISRO The company manufactures communication satellites, scientific spacecraft, earth observation satellites, navigation satellites, small satellites, experimental satellites, student satellite projects etc.
Honeywell International Inc Honeywell Aerospace has following space products. The company has development centers in INDIA.
• Satellite payloads
• Remote Sensing Products
• Satellite Bus Equipments
UTC Aerospace Systems They products which include actuation systems, engine components, landing gear systems, propeller systems, sensors, brake control systems, space systems etc.
Dhruva Space The company has been involved in development of small satellite platforms. The company has collaboration with Berlin Space Technologies.
AMSAT INDIA The company is consortium of amateur satellite manufacturers. The company is located in INDIA, USA, UK, Japan, Germany, Canada, Italy, Argentina etc.

Spacecraft manufacturers in UK

Spacecraft manufacturers in UK Description
Dutch Space B.V. Manufactures solar arrays for spacecraft.
OHB SE With headquartered in Germany, company is specialized in manufacturing of fully integrated spacecraft.
Airbus With headquarter in france and offices across the world, the company is responsible for aerospace products and services including navigation satellites, communication satellites, satellite launch vehicles, aircrafts etc.
Thales Alenia Space Headquarter: France, company is largest satellite manufacturer in Europe.
BAE Systems Headquarter London, UK

Spacecraft manufacturers in USA

Spacecraft manufacturers in USA Description
Orbital ATK, Inc. Following spacecraft products are supplied by Orbital ATK.
• spacecraft Panels
• optical structures
• bus structures
• deployable structural mechanisms and systems
• solar arrays
• propulsion tanks
• antenna reflectors, etc.
Aeroflex The company manufactures Space qualified and radiation immune products used for satellite communication.
Anaren, Inc. Microwave components and modules for satellite communication
Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS) division of Boeing Company Aerospace products and services
SSL, formerly known as Space Systems/Loral, LLC (SS/L) Designs and builds space and satellite systems.
Sierra Nevada Corporation system integrator for micro-satellites, orbital transportation services.
SpaceX Manufacturer of advanced spacecraft and rocket
Virgin Galactic Manufacturer of advanced spacecraft and rocket
XCOR Aerospace The company develops and manufactures rocket engine and spacecraft

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