Best Solar Power Banks manufacturers, features, advantages

This page covers solar power banks basics, best solar power banks manufacturers with features and benefits or advantages of solar power banks.

What is Solar Power Banks?

• The Solar Power bank converts solar energy into electrical energy.
• This generated electrical energy is used to charge the multiple rechargeable cells for providing power to mobile phones, tablets or any other devices.
• Solar power banks work effectively during sunny weather. It also works in cloudy and rainy atmosphere too.

Solar Power Bank

In general solar power bank consists of small solar panel, multiple rechargeable cells, electronic circuits for USB and power ON/OFF. Some solar power bank houses LED indicator for battery status as well as LED flash lights for emergency situations.

Best Solar Power Banks Manufacturers

Following table mentions best solar power banks from popular manufacturers around the world. Typically solar power banks should provide USB ports ( one or two ) for charging the output device. The device gets automatically charged using sun light.

Manufacturers Description
Floureon • 10000 mAh capacity
• Water Proof
• Dual USB ports (1A and 2A)
• LED Flash light
• price of $14.99
• solar panel conversion rate of 15 to 17%
• DC 5V/2A input
TiTiTa • 10000 mAh
• Two USB 5V/3A output ports , 1 micro USB input
• 1 LED Light
• Waterproof
Eskimo Available in 12000mAH and 5000 mAh capacities
GRDE • 15000mAh
• Dual USB ports (2A for tablets, 1A for cell phones)
• 4 LED indicators
• 6 LED flash lights
• Weight: 340 g
Waaree (as shown in the figure above) • 10000 mAh
• Charging by solar and USB both
• 4 LED indicators
• It uses Li-Polymer battery

Advantages of Solar Power Banks

Following are the benefits or advantages of solar power banks.
➨They are strong and rugged.
➨They are antishock proof.
➨They are light in weight.
➨They can work in cloudy and rainy weather conditions.
➨They can be easily back packed and carried.
➨They are cheaper to afford.
➨They can be used to charge any device having USB ports.


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