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This page covers list of best Smart meter manufacturers in INDIA. It mentions manufacturers of smart meter along with features and benefits or advantages.

What is a Smart meter?

• Smart meter is part of smart grid which uses modern digital communication technologies to achieve improvements over traditional electric grid.
• The other components in a smart grid include DCU (Data Concentrator Unit), communication network and web servers.
• Basically smart grid provides smart generation, smart distribution/transmission, smart consumption and smart storage of electric power/energy. All these system components communication in order to make grid efficient and effective in its operation. This is shown in the figure-1.

Smart Grid components

• Smart grid provides two way communication between grid and consumers. Hence energy suppliers and consumers interconnect through a network.
• Smart meters are installed at homes and businesses in order to provide electric energy and monitor its usage or consumption and store its value.
• Smart meters transmit usage information obtained back to energy providers or share it with regulators.

Smart Grid Architecture

The figure-2 depicts simple smart grid architecture used for smart metering application. As shown data concentator unit collects energy usage information as well as other parameters of the smart meters within its coverage and store it on web servers using DSL/optic fiber/wireless link.

Best Smart meter Manufacturers

The figure-1 depicts some of the best Smart meter manufacturers available in the market. Following table mentions features of these respective Smart meters.

Smart meter Manufacturers Description
• Melange Systems Private Limited, Bangalore, INDIA Website:
• Maven Systems Pvt. Ltd. Pune, INDIA Supports zigbee and proprietary RF,
• Advanced Electronics Company, Saudi Arabia Website:
• Itron Model: EM420i
• Elster Group (Honeywell Elster) Website:

Advantages of Smart meter

Following are the benefits or advantages of Smart meter.
➨Smart meters communicate with DMS (Data Management System) which is placed on server either at utility company or at system provider.
➨It allows utility to switch power ON/OFF remotely.
➨It helps in tamper protection by real time clock.
➨It helps in optimization of the grid load.
➨It reduces power demand during peak hours.
➨It makes easier for consumer to follow energy consumption.
➨Voltage quality is regularly measured and recorded to achieve efficient grid operation.
➨Smart meters communicate using various wired (LAN, DSL) and wireless (zigbee, wifi, cellular) technologies.

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