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Sigfox Transceiver manufacturers

Sigfox Transceiver Manufacturers Description
ATMEL RF transceiver on single chip (SIGFOX™ compliant)
902 to 906 MHz in USA,
868 to 868.6 MHz (Uplink) & 869.4 to 869.65 MHz (Downlink) in Europe
Microchip Part number, ATA8520E consists of low power transceiver and AVR® microcontroller.
TI (Texas Instruments) Part numbers CC1120/CC1125 supports 164-192MHz, 274-320MHz, 410-480MHz and 820-960MHz.
Texim Europe ARF8047PA, 868 MHz sigfox sensors transceiver
ON Semiconductor AX-SFEU Transceiver
Silicon Labs Si446x, covers 119 MHz to 1050 MHz bands
ST Microelectronics S2-LP, covers sub-1 GHz bands which include 433, 868 and 920 MHz. Supports (G)FSK, ASK and OOK. The data rate can be programmed from 0.3 to 500Kbps.
Low Power Radio Solutions, UK easyRadio SoC Rf transceiver modules
TD next TD1208R, TD1207R, TD1204 etc.

Sigfox Modem manufacturers

Sigfox Modem Manufacturers Part or module number / description
TD next • TD1208R , consists of Sigfox Transceiver and baseband processor (ARM Cortex M3).
• TD1207 is the another module
Microchip Part Number: ATA-8520 E, consists of dual mode transceiver, modulator, protocol stack including security support.
ON semiconductor AX-Sigfox SoC
M2COMM M2C8001, consists of sigfox protocol stack along with RF transceiver
TEXAS Instruments CC1310, consists of RF transceivers and microcontroller unit
NXP Semiconductor OL2385, consists of RF transceiver and microcontroller in a single module.

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