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Set Top Box(STB) Manufacturers/Suppliers

This page provides list of set top box(STB) manufacturers/suppliers with website and contact details.

Technical specifications

The technical specifications os Set Top Box one has to consider are outlined below.
Networking support- WiFi,Ethernet,satellite
Video - HDMI, HD
Audio - HDMI
Standards- DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-T, DVR
Other - Remote Control, power adapter

Tata Sky

Website - www.tatasky.com/
Email - help@tatasky.com


Website - www.airtel.in
For queries contact email - digitaltv@in.airtel.com


Pace is the global leader in set-top-box(STB) technology. They manufacture set top boxes for satellite (DVB-S), cable (DVB-C), IPTV and terrestrial (DVB-T) applications.
Website- www.pace.com
Sales contact form -


Supports DVB-S and DVB-C standards
Website - www.huaweidevice.com
Service Hotline India - 1800 209 6555


Smaller and energy efficient set top boxes
Website - www.verizon.com


IPTV set top box manufacturer.SD, DVB, DVR models also available
Website - www.cisco.com


Website - www.netgear.com


DVB-S, DVB-C and DVB-T set top box models available.
Website - www.skyworthdigital.com Contact email - Sales@skyworth.com

Chang Hong

Terrestrial STB manufacturer
Website- www.changhong.com

Motorola Mobility, acquired by Google

Website - www.motorola.com

UTStarcom Inc.

IPTV Set Top Box Website - www.utstar.com


Website - www.samsung.com

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