SMT pick and place machine

Once the PCB has been manufactured using PCB prototype machine, the components need to be mounted to test the board. Mounting of SMD components need to be done with accute care and patience. Hence usually companies hire some PCB company to do this task. This increases delay and also increases the cost of total product developement.

To avoid this SMT machines are needed. SMT pick and place machine help assemble the boards very easily. There are two types of SMT machines viz. completely automatic and semi-automatic.

Automatic SMT machine does not need human intervention. It applies the solder paste on pad and places the electronic components on them in order to mount them. Here placement is not very accurate enough which will be corrected using reflow oven later.

Manual system is accurate but lead to problems when operator make mistakes while assembling. This system also takes more time compare to automatic system.


Following are desktop SMT pick and place machine manufacturers with product models and descriptions. There are machines which will have PCB milling as well as solder paste application and pick and place available in a single box solution.

Manufacturer OR vendor Product Description with model
Essemtec Paraquda, Pantera-X, Cobra
Machatronics Systems M1, P1
SMTnet Manncorp 7700-FV Auti placer, Manncorp SMT 2000 (Manual)
LPKF Laser and electronics Protoplace S


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