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What is SAW duplexer:
The SAW device which separates two frequency bands which are closer is known as SAW duplexer. It uses narrow band filters in order to perform band separation. Refer RF SAW duplexer basics>> for more information.

SAW Duplexer

Following are the technical specifications of SAW duplexer to be considered while buying one for your need.
• Balanced type or Unbalanced type
• Pass Band frequency ranges
• Insertion Loss (dB)
• VSWR (dB)
• Absolute rejection (dB)
• Isolation between Tx to Rx (dB)

Following table lists popular manufacturers or vendors of RF SAW Duplexer.

RF SAW Duplexer Manufacturers Description
TAI-SAW TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. SAW duplexers for LTE, WCDMA, Bluetooth and other wireless technologies are available.
Overseas E-mail : claireliu@mail.taisaw.com
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Smyrna, GA 30080-7604, USA.
AVX Corporation USA (Kyocera group) Company has many distributors and sales representatives across the globe.
Taiyo Yuden The SAW devices are available for WCDMA, LTE, CDMA, TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA etc.
Fujitsu SAW duplexers for WCDMA supports bands I, II, IV, V and VIII
Qorvo BAW duplexer and SAW duplexer for various applications for different bands are available.
RTx Technology Diplexers, multiplexers, duplexers, filters
E-mail : jhlee@rtxtech.com (America and Asia)
Golledge Electronics GSDX series
Frequency range: 700 MHz to 2.5 GHz
E-mail : sales@golledge.com
Panasonic Part number: EFSD836MC4N4
Supports CDMA 836.5 & 881.5 MHz Bands E-mail :
Bird Technologies RF duplexers of various bands are manufactured.
E-mail :

SAW Devices-Filters, Resonators, Duplexers

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