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This page covers list of radome test equipments manufacturers or vendors. The popular manufacturers of radome tester for radome measurements are Rohde and Schwarz, G Systems Inc. etc.

Introduction: The enclosure which passes electro-magnetic radio frequency waves and protects the antenna and other radio equipments from harsh atmosphere is known as radome. The most basic radome can be a sheet of dielectric material. The most complex radome consists of multiple layers with different physical dimensions and material properties. The radome material should be water proof, weather resistant, temperature resistant and anti-aging. The most recognized radome is one positioned on nose of aircraft or missile.

Following are the radome measurements typically performed by radome test equipments.
Transmission Efficiency : It is the percent of microwave energy which passes through radome. It is measured over different angular regions.
Beam deflection : When microwave signal passes through the radome, it gets deflected. The measurement of change in propagation direction of RF signal is known as beam deflection.
Reflectivity : The change in reflection coefficient magnitude at radar antenna port due to presence of radome is known as reflectivity.
Pattern distortion : It is the measurement of change to the radiation pattern of the radar antenna caused due to presence of protective radome.

Radome tester manufacturers

Following table mentions Radome tester manufacturers.

Company Description
Rohde & Schwarz
Email : sales.mea@rohde-schwarz.com
Model : QAR50 Radome tester
Features are as follows.
• Performs transmission loss, reflection loss measurements in 72 to 82 GHz frequency range
• Accurate measurement in very short time duration
• Attractive price/performance ratio
• Uses microwave imaging due to its numerous benefits in measurements compare to conventional and un-focused single point measurements.
• Combines benefits of corner reflectors and network analyzer measurements in a single instrument
• Quick and easy interpretation of the measurement results
• Visit Website : rohde-schwarz.com for more information
G Systems Inc., Richardson, TX 75081
Email : sales@gsystems.com
Turnkey Radome Test System
Features are as follows.
• It can be used to mount 10 foot diameter radome.
• Uses anechoic chamber to control environment
• It can be used to conduct transmissivity testing and side lobe testing.
• Test system operates in C band and X band.
• It performs measurements as per RTCA DO-213a.
• Visit Website : gsystems.com for more information
Deltatee Enterprises LTD, Calgary, Alberta
Email : questions@deltatee.com
Model : Radome certification tester
• Visit Website : deltatee.com for more information


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