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What is RF welding:
The welding process used to connect two materials with the help of applied EM (Electromagnetic) waves and under applied pressure is known as RF welding. In this process, EM waves are focused in the area to be welded. This results into heating and melting of the materials which flows and consecutively forms the bond.

The RF welding process is applied to materials such as thermoplastic, PVDC, PET, PVC, polyurethane, nylon, EVA etc. Refer RF welding basics>> and RF welding vs ultrasonic welding>> for more information.

Following table lists popular manufacturers or vendors of RF welding.

RF welding Manufacturers Description
Thermex Thermatron, KY 40299, USA Website: https://thermex-thermatron.com/
Phone: +1 502-493-1299
UFP Technologies, MA 01950 USA Website: https://www.ufpt.com/
Email: info@ufpt.com
TWI Ltd , Cambridge, United Kingdom Website: www.twi-global.com/
Tel: +44 (0)1223 899000
Cosmos Electronic Machine Corp. Farmingdale, NY 11735
Website: www.cosmos-kabar.com/
Phone: 631.249.2535
MarkPeri International Inc. Website: markperi.com/
Email: tim@markperi.com
Onex RF , CA, USA
Website: www.onexrf.com
EMAIL: results@onexrf.com
PHONE: 1(626).358.6639
Sealing Industries Inc. IL 60013 USA
Website: www.sealingindustries.com
Telephone: 630-875-1600
APPF Inc. CA 92841, USA Website : https://appf.com/
Email : sales@appf.com
Telephone : 888.281.2817
High Frequency Technology Co., Inc. Website: https://www.hftinc.com/
Email: info@hftinc.com
Sealectric Corporation Website: www.sealectricorp.com/
Email: sealectric@gmail.com
Phone: 973.778.1455


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