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What is RF transistor:
The transistor used at radio frequency (RF) or microwave frequency is known as RF Transistor. It is semiconductor device which is used to amplify and switch the electronic signals. It operates at very high frequency compare to conventional transistor operating at low frequency. It include LDMOS, DMOS, BJT, FET, HBT etc. Refer RF transistor vs TED>> and Microwave Semiconductor Devices>> for more information.

Following table lists popular manufacturers or vendors of RF transistor.

RF transistor Manufacturers Description
TriQuint Semiconductor, USA (Now Qorvo)
Website: www.qorvo.com
RFMD, USA (Now Qorvo)
Website: https://rfmw.com or www.qorvo.com
ON Semiconductor, USA
Website: www.onsemi.com/
Nitronex, USA (Now MACOM)
Website: https://www.macom.com
Website: https://www.idt.com/
Infineon Technologies, Germany
Website: https://www.infineon.com/
CEL ( California Eastern Laboratories ), USA
Website: www.cel.com/
Advanced Semiconductor, Inc. USA
Website: www.advancedsemiconductor.com/
Microsemi, USA
Website: https://www.microsemi.com/
NXP Semiconductors, Netherlands
Website: https://www.nxp.com/


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