RF Microwave Design

This page covers RF and Microwave Design Software used for RF and Microwave design. It includes EEsof, Microwave office from Agilent and AWR respectively.

The softwares are used for simulation and design of following components/subsystems/systems.
•  RF Combiner,divider,hybrid
•  coupler
•  Mixer
•  Amplifier
•  RF circulator
•  RF Isolator
•  RF frequency converters
•  RF Filters

It involves following steps in order to design RF circuits:
•  Simulation of the circuit using microstrip or stripline lumped elements in the simulation window by setting microstrip PCB parameters and frequency of operation.
•  Optimization of the results such as return loss and insertion loss for all the ports under design.
•  Layout finalization taking into consideration dimensions of the metal enclosure and feed points wherever needed.

RF Design software

Following companies develop microwave and RF design softwares:
•  Keysight technologies formerly known as Agilent Technologies
•  Microwave office from AWR Corporation
•  Eagleware-Elanix

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