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What is RF MEMS:
RF MEMS is the short form of Radio Frequency Micro Electro Mechanical Systems. The devices are fabricated using Micromachining technique. MEMS integration methods are surface micromachining and bulk micromachining. Refer RF MEMS basics>> and RF MEMS advantages>> for more information.

MEMS technology minimizes usage of energy and materials and hence lower the cost. Moreover they are smaller in size. Due to this, various MEMS based devices such as RF switches, gyroscopes, phase shifters, sensors, accelerometers, oscillators, RF antennas, filters etc. are available.

RF MEMS Switch

Figure-1 depicts RF MEMS Switch. Following table lists popular manufacturers or vendors of RF MEMS.

RF MEMS Manufacturers Description
Pickering Interfaces Inc. RF MEMS switches
Website: www.pickeringtest.com/
Phone: +44 (0)1255 687900
Email: ussales@pickeringtest.com
Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. San Diego, CA, 92121, USA RF MEMS switches
Website: www.psemi.com/
Phone: 858-731-9400 (USA)
Omron Electronic Components LLC RF MEMS sensors
Website: https://www.omron.com/
Hexawave, Inc. RF MEMS switches
Website: https://www.hw.com.tw/
Tronics Microsystems, USA
Website: https://www.tronicsgroup.com/
Email: info@tronicsmems.com
Phone: +1 469-872-0300 (Dallas, USA)
WiSpry USA
Website: wispry.com/
Email: rf_mems@wispry.com
Phone: 949.458.9477 (CA, USA)
Teledyne DALSA, Canada
Website: https://www.teledynedalsa.com/semi/MEMS/
Tel: 519-886-6000 (Ontario, Canada)
Radant MEMS, USA
Website: https://www.radantmems.com/
Email: sales@radantmems.com
Phone: 978-639-4320
MEMtronics, USA Richardson, Texas 75081
Website: www.memtronics.com/
Phone: 214.699.6909


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