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This page mentions Proximity sensor vendors or manufacturers. It mentions part numbers of Proximity sensor from different manufacturers/vendors.

About Proximity Sensor:
The device which senses presence of some object or person without making physical contact is known as proximity sensor.
Refer Proximity Sensor.

Following technical specifications are considered while selecting the right proximity sensor as per system requirements.
• Operating range or distance
• Operating temperature
• AC or DC power
• Output (current, voltage, resistance, frequency )
• Load (AC or DC)
• Switch type (normally open or normally close)
• Interface type (serial etc.)

Proximity sensor Vendors or Manufacturers Part Number with Description
NXP Semiconductor PCA8885TS- 8 channel sensor with low power consumption
Fargo Controls Inc.
OMRON Corporation
Autonics Corporation
Schneider Electric
Keyence Corporation
Eaton, PA
Gems Sensors Inc.
Rockwell Automation Inc.
RS Components

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