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Mini circuits RF couplers are very pupular.Mini circuits have launched directional coupler recently. Mini circuits directional couplers are available for frequency range from 5KHz to 18GHz and coupling ratios of 6dB to 40dB.

RF directional coupler is used for RF and Wireless testing. Directional coupler will usually insert very little insertion loss to the main path. Moreover it provides reducing power at the coupling port with desired coupling value. The coupling value can be 6dB or 10dB or 15dB or 20dB etc.

The RF directional coupler is used for RF troubleshooting as well as measurement purpose. The directional coupler applications are as follows:
• Power monitoring
• isolation of signal sources e.g. network analyzer
• source leveling
• swept transmission as well as reflection measurements

Mini Circuits Directional Coupler Selection Guide

Following factors are considered before we select the right mini circuits Directional Coupler.
• Coupling in dB
• Frequency of operation
• Main line insertion loss in dB
• Directivity in dB
• VSWR or return loss
• Power input (max.)
• coaxial or SMA or other type

About Mini circuits

Mini circuits has been founded in 1969. It is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. They are leader in IF, RF, Microwave and signal processing components, modules, sub-systems and systems. The products are available from DC to 40GHz frequency bands. Mini circuits products have wide applications which include WLAN, WiMAX, Cellular, Medical, Testing equipments, radar, aevionics, satellite etc.

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