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Mini circuits RF attenuators are very popular.Mini circuits attenuators are used to vary gain in RF circuits. Mini circuits attenuators are available for frequency range from DC to 40GHz and handle maximum power of 100Watt. RF Variable attenuators from DC to 7GHz are also available.

The RF attenuators are used to provide attenuation in RF signal path. They are used as part of the RF systems in order to set proper RF link budget so that desired BER/FER can be achieved. The connectorized RF attenuators are used in RF and Wireless Test and Measurement applications. Often attenuators are used to avoid amplifier going into saturation conditions.

RF attenuators are basically of two types analog and digital as per functionality of operation. Further based on attenuation value there are two types viz. fixed and variable.

Mini Circuits Attenuator Selection Guide

Following factors are considered before we select the right mini circuits attenuator.
• connectorized or without connectors
• Analog or digital
• Fixed value or variable value type
• Frequency range of operation
• Attenuation in dB
• Step attenuation value for variable attenuator type
• Power handling capability(Watt)

About Mini circuits

Mini circuits is headquartered in NY and has been founded in the year 1969. Mini circuits products are available in various frequency bands from DC-40GHz. It is the world leader in RF, Microwave and signal processing domain. Mini circuits have products in the form of components and modules. They too have solutions for subsystems which make up system. Mini circuits components are used in RF circuit designs throughout the world. Connectorized modules are used in test and measurement industry as well as for RF wireless testing requirements. Mini circuits products are also based on latest IEEE and 3GPP standards such as 802.11, 802.16, GSM, CDMA, LTE etc. The products also find place in Aevionics and medical domain.

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