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This page lists Micro LED display manufacturer companies. The top developers or manufacturers of Micro LED display are Apple, LG display, AU Optronics, Oculus, Sony, PRP Optoelectronics, Plessey Semiconductor etc.

Introduction: Micro-LED is leader of next generation LED display technology. Due to its promising market perspective, large number of manufacturers are involved in its manufacturing. As per one report, revenue of micro-LED is estimated to reach $2.89 Billion.

Micro-LED finds unique applications than general LED chips and mini LEDs. They are used in wearable handsets, smart watches, AR/VR products, smartphones, 8K UHD TV, laptops/tablets, display wall etc.

What is Micro LED

Micro LED

The micro LED technology consists of miniaturized LED with matrix. This LED unit is smaller than 100 micrometers in which each pixel is individually addressed and driven to emit light. Micro LEDs use inorganic materials such as Gallium Nitrate (GaN) which are self emitting and do not need back light for its operation.

The numerous benefits of Micro LED are as follows.
• High luminous efficiency• Thinner• Lighter• less power consumtion • wider viewing angle• long life• shorter response time• higher resolution • curved/flexible backplanes • etc.

List of Micro LED display manufacturers or developers

Following table mentions lists of top Micro LED display developers which manufacture Micro-LEDs based display.

Micro LED display developers Description
Samsung • The company has recently launched microLED display called "The wall" in three different sizes which include 146 inch, 219 inch and 292 inch. These display variants are available in INDIA with price range from 3.5 Cr to 12 Cr.
• Samsung claims the lifetime of about 100,000 hours.
• It can illuminate far brighter than OLED display screen.
• Website : Samsung The wall display
Apple • The company is investing in Taiwan based factory to produce micro-LED based screens for iphones, iPads, Apple Watch, MacBooks etc.
• Website : Apple.com
LG display • Micro-LED display with model LSAB009 (MicroLED TV) with following features are coming soon.
• Pixel pitch : 0.9 mm (163" @ 4K screen), Brightness of 1200 nit (peak), super low reflection rate and so on.
AU Optronics Corp. • The company has partnered with PlayNitride Inc. to develop micro LED display technology based devices. The company is based in Taiwan.
• Website : AUO.COM
Oculus • The company based in USA is owned by Facebook.
• It develops VR headsets and solutions. It uses OLED display in VR headsets.
• Oculus has acquired InfiniLED to enter into Micro-LED display market.
• Website : OCULUS.COM
Sony • It offers Micro-LED based Ultra-HD TVs to its consumers.
• Crystal LED TVs are available in 2K/4K/8K/16K versions with sizes upto 790 inches.
• Website : SONY.COM
PRP Optoelectronics • This UK based company produces monolithic Micro-LED microdisplay for both standard and custom display types.
• The company provides LED display solutions.
• Website : PRPOPTO.COM
Plessey Semiconductor • It is UK based company which develops GaN-On-Si MicroLED microdisplay technology.
• They have recently signed partnership with Facebook to support its product development.
• Plessy has developed passive-matrix monochrome microLED microdisplays recently.
• Visit website Plesseysemiconductors.com for more information.
Tianma • It is China based display developer.
• The company develops OLED, AMOLED and Micro-LED based displays.
• Products include 7.56 inch Micro-LED display, Mini LED backlit HDR LCD, Flexible AMOLED display
• Website : TIANMA.COM
VueReal • It is Canada based company which develops Micro-LED based displays.
• Demonstrated 4K Micro-LED microdisplay in 2017 with emissive display at 6000 PPI.
• Developed 30,000 PPI Micro-LED display.
• Website : Vuereal.com

Also refer difference between Micro-LED vs Mini-LED and advantages or benefits of Micro-LED.

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