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This page covers list of LoRa Certification Test Providers in Germany, USA, Japan, Spain, Taiwan. It mentions test cases typically conducted during LoRa Certification Testing.

Refer LoRaWAN Wireless tutorial covering following sub topics:
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There are mandatory and optional tests derived based on LoRaWAN™ specification document V1.0.2. Following test cases are usually run during the Lora certification testing.
• Functional tests of application layer.
• Downlink PER test, allowed limit is 5% PER (Packet Error Rate).
• The first and second receiver window test as per class-A/B/C defined.
• Sequence number related test.
• Frequency channel (add/modify) test.
• Uplink/Downlink test as per confirmed or unconfirmed message type.
• Change and check parameters (downlink)
• Rate adaptation related tests
• Transmitter Power control related tests
• Retransmission tests for confirmed message type
Also refer document on LoRa Compliance Testing>>.

In addition to above mandatory tests there are optional tests as outlined below.
• Timing related tests for downlink
• MAC commands related tests
• Link check tests
• Uplink frequencies tests

List of Authorized LoRa Certification Test Providers in Germany, USA, Japan, Spain, Taiwan

Following criteria should be met in order to apply for the LoRaWAN certification for the LoRa product.
• Need to be member of LoRa Alliance.
• Need to complete questionnaire provided on LoRa Alliance website or available from test providers.
• Need to meet specifications requirements and certification requirements as per LoRa alliance document.
• Need to deliver the LoRa product to certification test provider for conducting tests.
• After the tests, results are provided to alliance or to the respective company.
• Once the test results are reviewed, LoRa Alliance will issue the LoRaWAN certificate for the respective product or device under test (DUT).

Authorized LoRa Certification Test Providers
IMST , Germany
TUV , Germany, Netherlands, USA, Japan, Taiwan, Seoul
AT4 wireless , Spain, USA, Japan, Taiwan
7Layers, Germany, USA
Espotel Oy, Finland

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