List of Sigfox network operators | France,Spain,Germany,Italy,Ireland

This page of RF Wireless World mentions list of Sigfox network operators. It covers sigfox network operators in the countries viz. France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Ireland etc. in the other parts of the world.

Sigfox network operators Country
SqWidNET South Africa
SigFox Germany, United States (US)
IDEO Caraibes French Antilles
Velocom Argentina
Thinxtra Australia
Engie M2M Belgium
WND Brazil
PHAXSI Colombia
Simple Cell Czech Republic
IoT Denmark A/S Denmark
AEREA The Netherlands
Cellnex Spain
ConnectedBaltics Estonia
ConnectedFinland Finland
Sigfox France
VITI French Polynesia
Thinxtra Hong Kong
IO Connect Reunion Island, Mauritius, Mayotte
VT networks Ireland
NetTrotter Italy
Kyocera Japan
RMS Luxerburg
IoTNet Mexico
Thinxtra NZ New Zealand
OmanTel Oman
Narrownet Portugal
Arqiva UK
UnaBiz Taiwan, Singapore

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