List of EMI EMC labs in INDIA | EMI EMC Labs INDIA

This page mentions EMI EMC labs in INDIA. It mentions list of EMI EMC labs in INDIA which provides EMI EMC services for product development and service companies.

Following table mentions companies or labs across INDIA providing the EMI and EMC test services.

Lab or company Description
ETS-Lindgren Website:
Address: US, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia
Central Power Research Institute, INDIA Website:
Address: Bangalore INDIA
ERDA, Vadodara Website:
Address: Vadodara, Gujarat
SAMEER Website:
Address: Mumbai
SGS House Website:
Address: Mumbai, INDIA
Bosch India Website:
Address: Bengaluru, Hydrabad and other parts of INDIA and World
Bharat Test House Website:
Address: Delhi, INDIA
SAMEER-Centre for Electromagnetics Website:
Address: Chennai, India
TUV Website:
Address: Bangalore, INDIA and other parts of world and INDIA
Automotive Research Association of India Website:
Address: Pune, INDIA
Minilec (India) Pvt. Ltd. Website:
Address: Pune, New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore
Complus Labs Website:
Address: Bangalore, INDIA

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