LiFi Vendors | LiFi Companies developing lifi products

This page covers LiFi vendors who develops or manufactures LiFi products.It mentions list of LiFi companies developing lifi products useful for vendors working in LiFi domain.

What is Lifi technology ?

The standard IEEE 802.15.7 defines LiFi specifications for PHY (layer-1) and MAC (layer-2). It specifies mobile to mobile, fixed to mobile and infrastructure to mobile communications. It focuses on medium range communications at very high speed with the help of optical medium. The Lifi supports data rates upto 1 Gbps using various modulation schemes.

Li-Fi uses visible light of electro-magnetic spectrum between 400 THz and 800 THz as optical carrier. It uses fast pulses of light to transmit data or information through wireless medium of light.

LiFi system comprised of LED bulb and silicon photodiode. LED acts as transmission source which modulates the light with the data signal. The photodiode functions as receiver of the visible light.

Li-Fi internet architecture

Refer tutorial on Lifi technology which covers LiFi network topologies, LiFi protocol stack (PHY, MAC) and modulation schemes.

LiFi vendors | Lifi product companies

LiFi Vendors

Following table is the list of LiFi vendors who develop various types of LiFi products.

LiFi Vendors or LiFi companies Description with lifi products
Huawei The company has patents in many fields such as 5G, LiFi and so on.
Samsung The company is pioneer of LED technology used in LiFi solutions.
Philips Luminaires manufactured by Philips deliver speeds of about 30Mbps using LiFi technology.
Qualcomm The qualcomm based LiFi based Smart Retail solution enhances customer experience in retail environment.
ETRI Korea based Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) has many patents on LiFi technology.
University of Edinburgh UK based University of Edinburgh is conducting research on various system aspects of liFi technology.
VLNComm The company develops VLC (Visible light communication) based Lifi products which use optical energy for wireless data transmission. The Lifi products include lifi enabled LED panel, Lifi USB adapter, lifi enabled desklamp and so on.
Velmenni The company is a member of light communications alliance. The company develops solutions based on lifi technology.
Lightbee The company is a visible light communications technology solutions provider. The solutions include lightkey smart lock, lightdim, lightnosis and so on. Check website ( for more information.
Nav Wireless Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The company has been engaged in R&D of LiFi based products and solutions.
OLEDCOMM This LiFi company develops LiFi Lamp, LiFi router, LiFi Hub, LiFi Kit etc.
pureLiFi It manufactures LiFi Access Point (AP).
Casio LiFi Smartphone manufacturer.
PANASONIC LIFI LAMP with model number LFS4000PA1.

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