Lidar sensor Vendors | Lidar SoC Manufacturers

This page mentions list of Lidar SoC manufacturers or vendors. The popular manufacturers of Lidar sensor SoC are Ouster, LeddarTech, RoboSense etc.

Introduction: LiDAR is one among many optical sensing techniques used to determine range of distant object along with other parameters. LIDAR stands for LIght Detection And Ranging. It uses NIR (near infrared) and VL (visible light) frequencies to image targets.


The figure depicts generic LiDAR block diagram. It consists of laser emitter, photodetector and digital data processing circuits. It has numerous applications which include military, transportation, Geology, Robotics, Astronomy, meteorology, agriculture etc. Refer benefits of LiDAR >> and difference between LiDAR and RADAR >>.

Example : The Ouster, Inc. develops digital Lidar solutions which are used as sensors to provide 3D vision to vehicle, machines, robots and more. The L2X chip delivers two times signal processing power and two times data output per pixel with smaller size and low power consumption. The L2X is latest in the CMOS SoC (System on a chip) series. The on-chip SPAD detectors count about one trillion photons per second. It outputs about 5.2 million points per second using signal processing capabilities. This lidar sensor can provide high quality data under high levels of vibration, shock, water, dust and solar interference environment.

Manufacturers of Lidar SoC

Following table mentions Lidar SoC vendors or manufacturers.

Company Description
Ouster, Inc., SAN FRANCISCO, US L2X digital lidar chip
• Visit Website : for more information
LeddarTech Inc. Canada Model : LCA2 LeddarCore SoC
Features/specifications : 48 numbers of Input channels, Quad SPI Data, up to 48K waveforms per second, 200 meters intrumented range etc.
Application : Used in automatic and other applications for object detection/distance measurement.
• Visit Website : for more information
RoboSense, Shenzhen, China Model : RS-LiDAR-M1
Features : Automatic grade MEMS LiDAR, 905 nm laser wavelength, 200 m range, +/-5 cm accuracy etc.
• Visit Website : for more information

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