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LVDT Transducer Selection Guide | LVDT Transducer Manufacturers

The page describes LVDT Transducer Selection Guide including popular LVDT Transducer manufacturers. This guide helps in selecting appropriate LVDT Transducer from multiple Manufacturers.

What is LVDT Transducer?

The device LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) is an electrical transformer used to measure linear displacement or position. There is another device RVDT which measures rotary displacement.

LVDT transducers are robust and frictionless. Moreover they has lower hysteresis and better repeatability. LVDT does not require physical electrical contact between moving part and coil assembly. It just depends on electro-magnetic coupling for its operation.

LVDT Transducer

Position and displacement may be sensed by methods of electromagnetic induction. A magnetic flux coupling between two coils may be altered by the movement of an object and subsequently converted into voltage.

LVDT transducer has measurement range in between +/-100 µm to +/-25 cm. The input voltages are in the range from 1 V to 24 V rms.
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LVDT Transducer Selection Guide

Following specifications are considered while selecting LVDT Transducer for desired application.
• Linear range in mm
• Size/Dimension of the LVDT transducer
• Operating temperature
• Other Features: adjustable, Spring loaded, high reliability, general purpose, economical etc.

LVDT Transducer Manufacturers

Following table lists out popular LVDT Transducer manufacturers.

LVDT Transducer Manufacturers
TE Connectivity
OMEGA Engineering inc.
Applied Measurements Ltd UK
Kavlico, CA, USA
Althen GmbH (https://www.althensensors.com)
Indiamart® has many INDIAN manufacturers of LVDT Transducers,
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