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Internet has become very useful in everyone's life. With the advent of LTE wireless standards it has flourished throughout the world. LTE provides downlink speed of 300 Mbps and uplink speed of about 75 Mbps. Similar to WiFi router, LTE equipment manufacturers have come out with LTE routers which provides use of one single line of internet connection by multiple smart devices within small area of office and home premises.

To take care of compatibility with previous wireless standards LTE routers provide support for GSM, CDMA and WiFi connectivity also. Hence the same router can be used to connect with other wireless internet service providers without much hassle.Other than internet, it should also support voice calls over VOIP protocols.

Following are popular LTE router manufacturers or suppliers. This LTE router is used for LTE/4G technology as per 3GPP standards. It covers companies such as E-Lins Technology, SAI TECHNOLOGY, Bandrich, Actiontec, Sierra Wireless, Novatel Wireless, Proxicast, Netcomm, LG, Top Global, Nokia-siemens etc.

LTE router typical specifications

lte router Figure taken from wikimedia depicts typical look of LTE router, following specifications need to be evaluated before purchase.
LTE RF Frequency, Bandwidth, Other standards support (GSM,GPRS,CDMA,HSPA,UMTS,EVDO etc. ) or standards (WLAN, WIMAX)support, Interfaces/ports, 3GPP version supported,VOIP support.

E-Lins Technology Co. Ltd

Model-H685t,4G LTE Router
Main features-supports multiple standards GSM,GPRS,CDMA,HSPA,WiFi etc., Also supports multiple frequency bands and various ports.
Contact Email-


Model-STINGER Business Class Router


Model-Pocket Router Model PR50 series


Model available is 4GRN-L(LTE router), it supports WLAN interface also.
Website -

Sierra Wireless LTE router

Model-AirLink GX440 , 4G LTE router for AT & T network service
Website -

Novatel Wireless

MiFi 4620L Model available for verizon LTE network.


Routers available supports LTE,HSPA,HSPA+ and EVDO standards/technologies. ,


LTE Routers along with support for other wireless standards.

Top Global

Model available is MB7900


Model available is FM300 Xenon. It supports both LTE and WiFi Standards. It is certified by GCF 2011.04.04 for 800 MHz frequency band.

Nokia Siemens Network

Model available is MHR-lte 7512, other LTE router models available are MHR-lte 7410 and MHR-lte 7508.

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