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This page covers LTE accelerator basics and mentions LTE accelerator manufacturers or LTE accelerator vendors with their product offerings.

LTE, LTE-Advanced and LTE-Advanced PRO are latest 3GPP standards released to provide high speed wireless internet data services. These standards are also known by 4G. They also provide Voice services using various means. Refer VoLTE>> for more information.

Following table mentions LTE Accelerator manufacturers or LTE Accelerator vendors.

LTE Accelerator Manufacturers or vendors Description
Starhome Mach It offers LTE accelerator which increases the in-bound data traffic while on roaming.
Switzerland, Luxembourg, INDIA
Synopsys Security Protocol Accelerator
*Supports 3G and 4G technologies
including LTE and LTE-Advanced
as per 3GPP Rel-7, 8 and 9 specifications.
Cellphone Mate Inc.,
LTE Accelerator Kit along with antenna of omni-directional type
*Increases 4G LTE signal indoors.
*It helps to boost 4G LTE signal so that 4G LTE services can be available with 4G LTE Data Card in indoor areas where eNB signals are weak.
NXP Semiconductor Multistandard baseband accelerator (Model MSBA-8100)
*Supports 3G-LTE, TDD_LTE, WiMAX, TD-SCDMA etc.
TCS *Offers LTE R&D services in LTE and other wireless standards.
*They have ready to use LTE accelerators as well as frameworks.
*They provide product development and verification support services in the RF/PHY/L2 and above.

As the standards are evolving and everyday new products are pumped into the market by the companies, one can also refer LTE Base Station or eNB manufacturers>> to check whether they provide LTE accelerator.

LTE conformance documents

LTE UE RF Conformance Tests
LTE UE Physical Layer Measurements
LTE eNodeB RF Conformance Tests
LTE eNodeB Physical Layer Measurements
LTE UE Signalling Conformance Tests

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