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Internet of Things-IoT companies in INDIA

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This page mentions IoT companies in INDIA. It provides link to useful IoT(Internet of Things) resources. As IoT is booming across the world; many indian companies are working and contributing for the growth of IoT and Big data. IoT is booming market in INDIA due to indian Government's Digital India programme. Following table lists major IoT companies in INDIA.

Company Description Web Address Link
Algo Engines They help provide operating intelligence for the met masts, wind turbines, solar plants and other IoT systems. They have developed cloud based SaaS platform for Internet of Things Analystics. The other solutions are based on SCADA systems, sensors and smart meters. https://azoi.com/
SenzIT Enterprise solution provider, Working with IBM https://www.senzit.net/
Azoi Works on sensor and app. based healthcare products. Their latest offering by name 'WELLO' is used as health tracker. https://azoi.com/
Lively Emergency solutions for elders. The product in the form of Smart watch is connected with lively Hub. The product stays with the users and inform them regularly about medicines and alert them or concerned people when required. https://www.mylively.com/
Altizon Systems Their Datonis platform can be used by manufacturers to build connected equipments which will constantly feed operational data to the cloud based platform for aggregation and analysis. Many OEMs are using solutions from Altizon to improve operational efficiencies, remote monitoring as well as predictive maintenance.It is one of the IoT companies in INDIA. https://altizon.com/
Neurio The product by name Neurio can does many things based on power consumption pattern in your home. It is wifi enabled sensor device. It measures flow of electricity and also transfer the information to the cloud. It does calculations based on power data and notify the owner through SMS about many important power related observations. https://www.neur.io/
RainMachine The solution forecast sprinkler is developed by the company. It is a wifi enabled touch screen device. This device is placed in the open field. It provides 6 hour weather forecast. This helps manage watering for the garden and also for the crops in the farm. It connects with national oceanic and atmospheric administration. In the case of non availability of internet it makes use of historic data which can be used for maintenance. https://www.rainmachine.com/
Cooey Develops healthcare wearable products which monitors heart rate, temperature, weitht etc. and alerts the guardians when needed. https://cooey.co.in/
CarIQ CarIQ platform connects car with the internet cloud. This helps both car and driver to make decisions based on real time data about location and route map. condition of the car and credibility of the driver are also few of the factors being analyzed. https://mycariq.com/
Toymail The company has solution (e.g. voice messaging) for kids in the form of toy. This helps one connect with the kid at home while being at work. https://www.toymail.co/

Company Description Web Address Link
Natalia Project The natalia project is inclined to protect human rights activists. the project develops IoT gadgets such as IoT wristband. When this wristband is removed forcibly it triggers alarms and send out location information to the network and hence alert nearby members to reach out for that person's help. https://natalia.civilrightsdefenders.org/
Owlet They have solution for baby. One such solution owlet smart sock(or shoe) which constantly monitors baby's signs such as heart rate, oxygen level, temperature as well as sleepand issues alert to their caretakers if the measured parameters are found to be abnormal. https://www.owletcare.com/
Transpose India Solutions for the problem of traffic congestion. The systems collects data and videos using sensors and passes the information to the server which does the analysis and generates the report in the form of trends or patterns. This can be used as solution for future. https://transposeindia.strikingly.com/
Altiux One of the IoT companies in INDIA. It develops M2M and IoT products. The company has expertise in hardware and embedded software domain. They also develop cloud and mobile applications. https://www.altiux.com/
tagPlug power plug which track the energy consumption as well as control the appliances wirelessly. Automated lighting solutions are also developed by them. https://www.tagplug.com/
MyTraps Their solution helps farmers remotely monitor and manage pest attacks on their farms. For this wifi enabled insect traps are used. These traps are connected with base stations which sends information to the user's smart device. https://mytraps.com/
Quirky The products are egg minder, smart piggy bank, power strip, personal deshboard, multipurpose sensor etc. https://www.quirky.com/
CubeSensors The sensors collect environment information such as temperature, air quality, lighting, noise, pressure, humidity etc. along with suggestions in order to improve the existing situations. https://cubesensors.com/
Inventrom Development of wireless smart robots and home automation products such as wireless sensor based network based on IoT https://www.inventrom.com/
Revolv Development of hub and apps for smart home which helps switch on/off lights, turn on oven, program the washing machine and so on https://revolv.com/

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