Hybrid Drone Manufacturers | What is Hybrid drone ?

This page covers drone types and hybrid drone basics. It mentions Hybrid Drone Manufacturers.

Introduction: There are different drone types viz. conventional drones, autonomous drones, hybrid vertical take-off, hybrid power drones, landing drones, edible drones and so on. AI (Artificial Intelligence), machine learning, deep learning have been incorporated in latest drones by manufacturers.

Using above techniques, drones generate data faster and accurately. Hence it fulfills mission requirements and other tasks such as object detection, face detection, image processing, face recognition, counting, segmentation, tracking, thermal detection, fire detection, motion planning and so on. Using AI algorithms, drones can sense their surroundings. As a result, drones empower them to map areas, track objects and provide analytical feedback in real time.

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What is Hybrid drone ?

One can develop hybrid drone by adding IC (Internal Combustion) engine and DC generator to the conventional drone. In this drone, DC generator runs with miniature ICE which is used for charging battery. IC engines are usually powered by energy dense fuels such as diesel or gasoline or liquids derived from fossils. In most of the hybrid drones, gasoline is used along with LiPo batteries.

Like other conventional drones, hybrid drones are controlled by radio controlled transmitters or smartphones. They are also controlled through computer or laptop. The range of this controlling device is also important factor for drone to cover longer distance. Hybrid drone utilizes advantages of both fuel power and electric power. It increases endurance about 10 times compare to normal drone.

Hybrid Drone Manufacturers

Following table mentions hybrid drone manufacturers or vendors.

Hybrid drone manufacturers Description
eHang, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China https://www.ehang.com/ehangaav
Foxtech, XiQing District Tianjin China https://www.foxtechfpv.com/industrial-drone/hybrid-power-drone.html
ITRI Taiwan https://itritoday.itri.org/
Quaternium, Valencia, SPAIN https://www.quaternium.com/
Skyfront, 3501 Edison Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025 https://skyfront.com/
Top Flight Technologies, MALDEN, MA 02148 http://www.tflighttech.com/
ULC Robotics, Hauppauge, NY 11788 USA https://ulcrobotics.com/
Volocopter, Bruchsal, Germany https://www.volocopter.com/en/
Guangzhou Walkera Technology Co.Ltd. China https://www.walkera.com/
Moog Inc. SureFly is two seat hybrid eVTOL aircraft designed by Workhorse Group, before the program was bought by Moog Inc.
Website: https://www.moog.com/

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