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GPS receiver chip and component manufacturers

This page covers GPS system component manufacturers which include GPS receiver chip,GPS antenna,GPS evaluation board,GPS LNA,tuner,GPS navigation systems,timing solutions and more. It covers Broadcom,Futurlec,Furuno Electric Co.,Sparkfun Electronics, Maxim integrated,Navsync,Skyworks,SkyTraq Technology,Central Electronics Ltd. etc.


Products- 4G LTE, WiFi, digital audio/video, IPTV, satellite set top box, GPS solutions.
Website- www.broadcom.com/
Inquiry - https://www.broadcom.com/contact/information_request.php
For various GPS products which include GPS chips, receivers, processors, GPS navigational solutions, visit following link.


Supplier of Electronic components, hardware and more.
Products- GPS antenna, modules, boards
Website- www.futurlec.com/
Contact fax for USA/Canada - 646-839-2988

Furuno Electric Co.

Products- GPS/WAAS chart plotter and other fishing, navigation and communication solutions provided by Furuno.
Website- www.furuno.com/
Enquiry form- https://www.furuno.co.jp/cgi/cnt_gps_e01.cgi
Contact Email- USA-sales@furunogps.com

Sparkfun Electronics

Products- GPS antenna, GPS evaluation board and GPS receiver for 12/14/20/48/50/66 channels available.
Website- www.sparkfun.com/
Call- 303-284-0979

Maxim integrated

Products- GPS tuner, GPS LNA
Website- www.maximintegrated.com/
Email- sales-us@maximintegrated.com


Products- GPS solution for navigation and timing applications include GPS receiver with wi-fi support, GPS timing reference with antenna and more.
Website- www.navsync.com/
Email - sales@navsync.com

Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Products- GPS and GNSS LNA and front end modules.
Website- www.skyworksinc.com/
Email- sales@skyworksinc.com

SkyTraq Technology, Inc. Taiwan

Products - GPS Receiver modules, GPS chipset
Website- www.skytraq.com.tw/
Contact Email- info@skytraq.com.tw

Central Electronics Ltd.

Website- www.celindia.co.in/
Email- customercare@celsolar.com


To know GPS system, refer page on GPS basics tutorial.

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