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This page mentions GPS SoC manufacturers or GPS SoC vendors. The popular manufacturers of GPS SoC are u-blox, MediaTek, STMicroelectronics, Qualcomm, Unicore Communications, Navika Electronics, Furuno Electric Co. Ltd. etc.

What is GPS SoC ?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. The system consists of set of satellites revolving around the Earth in six different orbits to provide GPS service to the users on the Earth. It is mainly used to determine location, speed and time of users on the Earth.

There are three segments in GPS system viz. space segment, control segment and user segment.
• Space segment consists of 24 satellites orbiting 11000 nautical miles above earth.
• Control segment consists of 5 ground stations situated around the globe which manage orbiting satellites by transmitting orbital corrections and clock updates.
• User segment consists of GPS receivers on personal devices or vehicles (i.e. cars, trucks).

GPS tracking system

GPS SoC is a chip which houses baseband, RF and interface module. It usually contains CPU, memory (ROM, SRAM, Flash), RTC, PLL and PM (Power Management) module on a single chip.

GPS SoCs are now widely available in personal and commercial vehicles, PDAs, cellular phones, laptops and smart watches. The figure depicts GPS tracking system >>.

GPS SoC Manufacturers

Following table mentions GPS SoC manufacturers with part numbers and technical features.

GPS SoC Manufacturers Description
u-blox • Models : NEO-8Q module, NEO-M8 series
• NEO-M8 series module offers concurrent reception of upto 3 GNSS (i.e. GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou).
• NEO-M8 series supports -167 dBm navigation sensitivity.
• NEO-M8 series is backward compatible with NEO-7 and NEO-6 versions.
• Older versions : NEO-6 series variants include NEO-6G, NEO-6Q and NEO-6M
• Website :
MediaTek • Model : MT3339
• MT3339 supports GPS, SBAS, QZSS
• MT3339 offers tacking sensitivity of about -165 dBm as claimed by Mediatek.
• Other versions : MT3329, MT3333, MT3337
• Website :
STMicroelectronics • Model : STA8058 (GPS multi-chip module)
• STA8058 houses ARM7TDMI 32 bit processor, on chip flash/RAM, DSP and RF front end part.
• Interfaces supported are GPIOs, UARTs, SPIs, I2Cs, CAN, USB, HDLC and ADC
• Refer other modules on Website :
Qualcomm • Model : SiRFstarTM IV GSD4e
• Above model houses ARM7 CPU and support interfaces such as I2C, SPI, UART etc.
• Model : SiRFstarTM V 5e B02
• Above model Supports GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS, SBAS . It houses 16MB flash and 16MB RAM. It supports various interfaces which include I2C, SPI, UART, GPIOs and analog I/O.
• Website :
Unicore Communications • Model : UM482
• Above model supports GPS L1/L2, BDS B1/B2, GLONASS L1/L2 and alileo E1/E5b satellite signals.
• Moreover it houses ARM processor, floating point operations and broadband ADC.
• Other versions : UM4B0, UM220, UM220
• Website :
Navika Electronics (Accord Software & Systems) • Model : Navika-300
•  Navika-300 supports 32 channel L1-C/A code GPS SBAS positioning module.
•  Above model supports interfaces such as SPI, UART, TWI and USB.
• Output messages : NMEA, ASCII formats
•  Other modules : Navika-200 (GPS receiver), Navika-251 (GPS/GLONASS receiver module), Navika-131 ( GPS SBAS) , Navika-132 ( GPS SBAS), Navika-450 (IRNSS), Navika-550
•  Website :
Furuno Electric Co. Ltd. • Model : ePV7010B
• Above model supports L1 band and 32 channels with interfaces such as UART/I2C.
• Above model supports GPS, GALILEO, SBAS, GLONASS and QZSS.
• Other models : ePV6010B , ePV7000B
• Website :

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