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This page describes basics of Fiber Optic Modem and Fiber Optic Router. It mentions manufacturers or vendors of Fiber Optic Modem and Fiber Optic Router. The new fiber optic modem router houses functionalities of both modem and router.

As we know fiber optic cable carry information by modulation of various parameters of light. The system requires light transmitting devices such as LED/laser and light receiving devices such as photodiode or photodetector.

Light transmission system has many benefits due to which fiber optic internet has become popular. Fiber optic system carry huge amount of data at very high speed with low less per Km. Moreover it is immune from electromagnetic interference. Refer Fiber Optic System >> for advantages and disadvantages.

Fiber optic Modem

• Modem is the device which encodes (at the transmit end) and decodes (at the receive end) the data. Modem is the short form of modulator and demodulator.
• Modem operates at layer 2 i.e. data link layer.
• It is the interface between ISP (Internet Service Provider) and home network such as WLAN or LAN.
• The modem which connects between fiber optic network and home network is known as fiber optic modem.
• It does conversion of electrical to optical signal and vice versa for transmission to fiber optic cable and back.
• Modem works independent of the router and will provide connectivity between PC and ISP's server.

Fiber optic modem, Fiber optic router
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Fiber optic Router

• Router is the device which delivers information or packet collected by the modem to its destination based on IP address/Ethernet address. Modem brings the information into the home network and router distributes it to the appropriate end device.
• Router operates at layer 3 i.e. network layer.
• It is the interface between modem and computer and between two computers.
• Routers can exchange information between two computers, but it does not provide connectivity with the internet without the help of modem.
• Fiber optic router and any generic router now-a-days come with built in wifi feature. Wifi allows devices to be connected with router using WLAN protocols wirelessly.
• Refer Router basics >> for more information.

The devices are available which houses functionalities of both modem as well as router.

Fiber optic modem manufacturers and Fiber optic router manufacturers

Following table mentions list of Fiber optic modem manufacturers and Fiber optic router manufacturers along with their features and technical specifications.

Vendor or Manufacturer Description
• Alcatel Lucent

• Fiber Optic modem : G240GA ($20)
• Fiber Optic modem : G-010G ($40)
• D-LINK • Models such as DIR 615, DIR 816, DIR 825 etc. are available.
• TP-LINK • Models Archer AC1200, C50 C20 C20i C2, WR740N are available.

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