Electric Car Charging Stations Manufacturers | INDIA, China, USA, UK

This page mentions list of Electric Car Charging Stations Manufacturers in INDIA, China, USA and UK. It also mentions basics of Electric Car Charging Stations.

What is Electric Car Charging Station?

• It consists of equipments used to supply electric energy to recharge electric vehicles such as electric cars, electric scooters, etc.
• There are three main components of the EV charging system viz. charging station, Central server, payment gateways, mobile app. and owner web interface. Charging station provides plugs and card authentication system to allow charging for the duration as per payment.
• Central server which is interfaced with payment gateways is used to allow authentication and consecutively access to charge the vehicles. OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) is used for communication between EV charging stations and central server. Mobile app allows drivers to control and charge their vehicles. Operator web interface allows their owners to monitor entire network. It helps owners to setup tariffs, report and monitor the entire charging processes.

Electric Car Charging Station

• Following are the requirement of Electric Car charging station.
• Input: 3 phase AC, 50 Hz
• Output: multiple output ports each with 230 V single phase with sockets
• User Interface and display: Push button switch, touch screen display, display messages for user during charging for various states viz. vehicle plugged in/out, idle/charging in progress, fault conditions etc. Other display messages are units consumption, duration since start of charge, time to charge, kWH etc.

The top electric car manufacturers include Tesla, BMW, Nissan, Chevrolet, Ford, Volkswagen, Kia etc. Refer benefits or advantages of Electric Car >>.

Electric Car Charging Stations Manufacturers

Daimler Mercedes Benz
Pacific Gas and Electric
Schneider Electric

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