EMF meter features and vendors

This page describes EMF meter features or specifications. It mentions EMF meter manufacturers or EMF meter vendors.

As we know Electromagnetic waves are generated either using AC or DC current. The Electromagnetic wave consists of electric and magnetic fields which are perpendicular to each other. The EM radiation is due to many sources which include towers, electric cables, power lines, transformers, TV, wireless internet devices etc.

It is desirable to measure EM waves due to many reasons. EMF meters are used for such radiation measurements. The sensors or probes are used inside the EMF meters for the same. There are two main types of measurements performed by EMF meters viz. broadband and frequency selective.

It is desirable to know level of EM radiation due to many reasons such as to find out ideal location for base stations , WiFi Access Points etc. It is also desired to locate room areas where interference are less so that one can decide bedroom, living room etc. based on the analysis.

Following features or specifications need to be considered before purchasing EMF meter.
• Frequency range
• Span of measurement
• Price of equipment one can afford
• Range of detection
• Measurement requirement such as electric field, magnetic field or both

EMF Meter manufacturers or vendors

Following are the EMF meter manufacturers/Vendors.
• Less EMF Inc. - Gauss meter for measurement of AC magnetic fields.
• SPER SCIENTIFIC - EMF meter model:840045
• ramsey -EM tri-field meter
•  KII Enterprises- K2 EMF meter
• Aaronia AG-HandHeld EMF meter
• Trifield.com (Owned by AlphaLab, Inc.)-Trifield meter which measures electric,magnetic and microwave

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