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This page mentions dual motion sensor vendors or dual motion sensor manufacturers. It mentions part numbers of dual motion sensors from different manufacturers and vendors.

Dual motion sensor:
The motion sensor which consists of two different types of motion sensors i.e active motion sensor of microwave type and Passive infrared motion sensor is known as dual motion sensor. The dual type of sensors take benefits of both active sensor and passive sensor types. Following table mentions vendors/ manufacturers of this type of sensor.

Vendors or Manufacturers Part Number with Description
Honeywell • Honeywell intrusion 5898 wireless dual-tec motion detector
• Honeywell DT8050 DUAL TEC Motion Detector 50 foot
Uxcell uxcell Dual Infrared Microwave Digital Motion Detector PIR Alarm DT-7225 (FOR INDOOR USE ONLY)
Sunlit tech SUNLIT TECH OSD-40DP Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor with Built-In Solar-Charge Ni Mh Battery (Pearl White) (FOR OUTDOOR USE)
Napco security Napco Adaptive Dual Microwave/PIR Detector, 30x35 Ft. (C-100STE)
BOSCH SECURITY • BOSCH SECURITY VIDEO ISC-PDL1-WA18GB Professional Motion Sensor for Security Systems
• BOSCH SECURITY VIDEO ISC-PPR1-W16 Professional Motion Sensor
DSC Outdoor Motion Sensor (Double PIR & Microwave) with Pet Immunity

Refer active vs passive motion sensor types>> for more information. Above mentioned dual motion sensors are available on Amazon website.

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