DigRF chip manufacturers & testing solution provider

This page covers DigRF chip manufacturers/vendors and testing solutions for DigRF interface. It covers Agilent technologies,Anritsu,Tektronix,Arasan chip systems,RF Micro devices, Silicon laboratories,Synopsys Design Ware,SmartDV Technologies India Private Limited etc.

Agilent technologies

DigRF products and solutions from agilent technologies.
N5343A DigRF Exerciser Module
Website - www.agilent.com/


DigRF measurement solutions,
Website- www.anritsu.com


DigRF Test and measurement solutions
Website- www.tek.com

Arasan chip systems

DigRF IP solutions
Website- https://arasan.com/

RF micro devices

DigRF compliant RF transceiver for EDGE.
Website - www.rfmd.com/

Silicon laboratories

EDGE transceiver on single chip. 2.5G DigRF specification version 1.12
Website- www.silabs.com/

TTPCom Ltd

3G DigRF interface module

Synopsys Design Ware

DigRF solution for 3G applications
Website- www.synopsys.com

SmartDV Technologies India Private Limited

DigRF Verification IP to test/verify DigRF compliant devices.
Website- https://www.smart-dv.com
Contact Email- info@smart-dv.com


MIPI DigRF Verification IP
Website- www.cadence.com


RF Transceiver IC for various standards with DigRF interface
Website- www.infineon.com

Cosmic Circuits

Website- www.cosmiccircuits.com

To know DigRF interface basics,refer page in terminology section.

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