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This page mentions Deep Sea Sensor vendors or manufacturers. It mentions part numbers with specifications of Deep Sea Sensor from different manufacturers/vendors.

About Deep Sea Sensors:
The sensors used in the deep sea for ocean exploration are known as deep sea sensors. These include DO (dissolved oxygen) sensor, pressure sensor, pH sensor, sonar, imaging sensor etc. They are used for various applications in civil, military, communications, seismic and energy.
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Types of Deep Sea Sensors

These include underwater robots and underwater drones which are equipped with intelligent sensors to measure temperature, pressure, amount of dissolved oxygen, pH level, ocean depth etc. Image sensors are used to capture images of underwater objects and sea-animals.

Deep Sea Sensor Vendors or Manufacturers Part Number with Description
CODAR Ocean Sensors • Product called "SeaSonde" is HF radar system which is used for wide area ocean observations. It provides real time data over larger areas.
• Product called "RiverSonde" is used to measure surface velocity of streams, channels and rivers. It is ideal to monitor river movement during floods and disasters.
Edaphic Scientific • The company has products in environmental sciences which include animal and plant physiology, hydrology, soil science, marine science and oceanography, biogeochemistry, microbiology , biomedical science etc.
• The company develops dissolved gas sensors to measure and monitor O2, CO2, CH4, pH, Redox, EC, N2O, NO, H2S and more.
• The company develops microsensors, meters, lab systems, field systems, accessories, software etc. for deep sea or ocean research.
GE Sensing • The company develops sensors for various applications including pressure sensing.
Honeywell • The company has developed Deep-Sea DuraFET which is a pressure tolerant ISFET pH sensor used for sea water pH level measurement.
Ocean Sensor Systems Inc., FL 33065, USA • The company manufactures water level sensors of various types and self powered pressure sensors.
Omni Instruments, Dundee DD4 7RH, UK • The company develops data loggers for temperature, humidity, acceleration and pressure.
• The company manufactures displacement & position sensors, flow meters, gyros, gas detection equipments, level and distance sensors etc.
Sea Bird Scientific, WA 98005 USA • Sea-Bird Scientific is the largest developer and manufacturer of products in the world for the measurement of salinity, temperature, pressure, dissolved oxygen, fluorescence, nutrients and related parameters for oceanographic research and environmental water quality monitoring in natural waters.
Subsea Sensors Inc. , Stafford, Texas 77477 , USA • The company manufactures high quality subsea pressure and temperature sensors which are rated up to 20k psi and 200 degree C.
Systems Engineering & Assessment Ltd., UK • The company manufactures products such as launchers, sonar systems, portable underwater communication system, 4G cellular system in a box, and sensor systems plus the network infrastructure.
AMT Analysenmesstechnik, 18059 Rostock, Germany • The company develops underwater probes, lab instrumenrs, fuel cells etc.

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