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This page covers list of best Data Concentrator Unit manufacturers in INDIA. It mentions manufacturers of data concentrator unit along with their respective features.

What is a Data Concentrator Unit?

• DCU (Data Concentrator Unit) collects energy data from grouped smart meters and substation meters.
• It uploads the collected data to remote servers over wired or wireless network.
• It collects data from meters using low range wireless technologies such as zigbee or wifi.
• It transmits data to web servers for storage using long range wireless technologies such as gsm or gprs.
• Web Application is used for reading data from smart meters and uploading it to remote servers.

Smart Grid Architecture

• The figure-1 depicts role of data concentrator unit in a smart grid architecture.
• DCU collected data is used in order to generate reports for load planning and load monitoring. This is needed for effective energy management and distribution.
• SMS is automatically sent to substations in tampering cases or in malfunctioning of smart meters.
• DCU monitors and logs various parameters which include KWH (Kilo Watt Hour), MD (Maximum Demand), UTC time, tampered data etc.

Best Data Concentrator Unit Manufacturers

The figure-1 depicts some of the best Data Concentrator Unit manufacturers available in the market. Following table mentions features of these respective Data Concentrator Units.

Data Concentrator Unit Manufacturers Description
Maven Systems Pvt. Ltd. Pune , INDIA Website:
Lekha Wireless Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, INDIA Website:
Advantech Co., Ltd. Bangalore & Pune, INDIA Website:
Advanced Electronics Company, Saudi Arabia Website:
Analogics Group, Hyderabad, INDIA Website:
Melange Systems Pvt. Ltd. Website:

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