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DAB Transmitter equipment manufacturers | DAB Broadcast equipment vendors

This page lists DAB transmitter equipment manufacturers or DAB broadcast equipment vendors.

Introduction: There are various digital radio standards which include DAB, HD radio, DRM etc. DAB and its upgraded version DAB+ use UHF and VHF (174-240 MHz) band frequencies for its operation. Transmitter equipment takes AC power as input and delivers RF power to broadcasting antenna. DAB+ technology uses 50x lower power compare to FM. DAB/DAB+ services are now available in 45 countries/territories worldwide and it is growing. DAB uses MP2 audio codec where as DAB+ uses AAC+ audio codec.

DAB system provides better spectrum and power efficiencies and offers superior audio quality. It also offers data services for mobile, portable and fixed receivers. The standards can be downloaded from ETSI website. Some of the transmitter equipments provide support for GPS, GLONASS etc.

Vendors Description
GatesAir Inc. The company manufactures transmitters for TV and Radio. It include UHF transmitters, VHF transmitters, FM transmitters, AM transmitters and DAB transmitters.
Refer website gatesair.com for more information.
Screen Future S.r.l. The company manufactures DAB transmitters, TV transmitters, Antennas, Accessories etc.
Refer screen.it for more information.
Itelco The company manufactures DAB/DAB+ equipments. DAB+ equipments are available in VHF band in 50W to 300W power ratings. The company also sells transmitters for TV signal broadcasting.
Refer itelco.tv for more information.
EuroCaster The company manufactures various tramsmission equipments for radio and TV signal broadcasting, antennas, RF cables, filters, mixers, audio codecs etc.
Refer eurocaster.eu for more information.
COMMTIA Supplies DAB/DAB+ transmitters in the power range from 1W to 150W and frequency range from 170 MHz to 240 MHz.
Refer commtia.com for more information.

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