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Channel bonding hardware | Channel bonding software vendors

This page mentions Channel bonding hardware manufacturers and Channel bonding software vendors or app developers.

What is Channel Bonding ?

The technique of combining more than one internet connections available to leverage benefits of all to deliver fast internet browsing experience is known as channel bonding.

There are multiple ways one can avail benefits of channel bonding based on internet service available from multiple operators or service providers.

What is channel bonding
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The common use cases of channel bonding are as follows.
Use case # 1 : Two ADSL connections are combined into one instead of having expensive fiber optic broadband.
Use case # 2 : Two wifi channels are combined into one on smartphone.
Use case # 3 : WiFi, cellular and ethernet connections are combined into one on laptop.

Channel Bonding Hardware Manufacturers

Following table mentions Channel Bonding Hardware Manufacturers.

Channel bonding hardware manufacturers Product with features
• Sharedband Limited Company provides hardware device which is used to combine multiple connections. Data is securely transmitted using these multiple connections and processed. The same processed data is sent back to user. This hardware options used for channel bonding requires user to subscribe as they use servers to split the traffic and stitch them back for the user.
• NETGEAR • There are various products which provide better internet speed under network congestion.
• Products include CM700 cable modems and routers, AC1750 wifi cable modem router etc.
• TERADEK • It combines several 3G/4G/LTE modems into single robust internet connection.
• It aggregates Ethernet, WiFi and up to 5 USB cell modems into one.

Channel Bonding Software app developers

Following table mentions channel bonding software app developers or vendors.

Channel bonding Software vendors App with features
• Connectify Inc. • Speedify app was developed by Connectify Inc. in Jan 2016. It functions as fast and reliable VPN.
• Combines wifi and cellular connections.
• It offers increased speed, stability and security to the users.
• Available for macOS, windows, iOS, Android.
• It can help use wifi, 3G, 4G LTE, wired internet connections simultaneously.
• Speed VPN • It is fast, secure and free unlimited proxy app.
• It requires android 4.4W and up.
• It works with wifi, 3G, LTE/4G and all mobile data carriers.
• Well designed UI.
• There is no usage or time limit.
• Mobolize • Mobolize BETA is developed for android.
• It offers best data connection by leveraging wifi and cellular data networks together.
• Protects data privacy when using wifi by encrypting unsecured content automatically.
• Net Optimizer • The app finds and connect with fastest DNS server based on location and network.
• It works with both wifi and mobile data (3G/4G/5G) connection.
• It supports many different DNS servers.

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