Best Car GPS Tracker manufacturers | Car GPS Tracker advantages

This page covers Car GPS Tracker basics, best Car GPS Tracker manufacturers with features and benefits or advantages of Car GPS Tracker.

What is Car GPS Tracker?

• The Car GPS tracker is based on GPS technology which provides precise location of the car in real time.
• GPS (Global Positioning System) is navigation technology based on satellites. At least 24 satellites are installed for GPS navigation system. GPS is owned by US government and operated by US Air force.
• Satellites are installed at orbital height of 20,180 Km.
• GPS system delivers location information with accuracy of about 5 meters.
• The devices should have GPS receiver chip in order to utilize the service. Car GPS tracker also houses the same GPS chip.

Car GPS Trackers

• The device containing GPS receiver chip receives information from GPS satellutes and calculates its geographical location. It is used for wide variety of applications including google maps, tracking animals, to guide space shuttle, to land airplanes etc.

Best Car GPS Tracker Manufacturers

Following table mentions best Car GPS Trackers from popular manufacturers around the world.

Manufacturers Description
Letstrack • Provides real time tracking
• Maintains 24 Hrs history on mobile app and 30 days history on website
• It provides zone alerts, parking alerts, speed alerts etc.
• Price: INR 4499
Spy Tech • Model: STI GL300
• Tracks and maps with the help of google maps in real time using internet
• Price: $50
MasTrack • Model: MT-OBD-BK
• Comes with backup battery
• Gets real time GPS updates at every minute
• Price: $98
Ablegrid • It houses 3300 mAh capacity battery to provide long time use before recharging.
• Size: 4 x 2.2 x 0.9 inches
• Works with 2G and 3G networks
• Price: $33
New Pro • Provides automatic electronic mileage log and Real Time Vehicle Tracking
• Size: 4.5 x 5 x 1.5 inches
• Price: $47

Benefits or Advantages of Car GPS Tracker

Following are the benefits or advantages of Car GPS Tracker.
➨GPS based systems provide position as well as velocity of the object on Earth and in Space.
➨As GPS signal is available everywhere, user is not deprived of GPS service anywhere.
➨Currently there is no charge to utilize this service and hence it is widely adopted in smartphones, tablets, car tracking, space shuttle launching process, landing of airplanes etc.
➨Car GPS tracker helps in monitoring of the cars by car rental companies or by car owners. This avoids frauds, misuse and theft of the vehicles.
➨Car GPS trackers provide shortest route information to the drivers and hence fuel costs can be saved. The advanced tracking apps or softwares are available to be installed on smart phones for this purpose.
➨The GPS tracking system provides real time traffic updates and hence owners and/or drivers can manage the timing accordingly.
➨It tracks driving habits such as braking, over speed driving, use of clutch, fuel filling etc.. This information helps in increasing the car life.
➨It provides call support in case of emergency to the car users.


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