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This page describes bluetooth devices including bluetooth headphones. It mentions features of bluetooth headphones. It covers vendors of best bluetooth headphones and bluetooth devices.

This tutorial section on bluetooth basics covers following sub topics:
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About Bluetooth: It is a short distance wireless personal area network technology. It is simple to establish bluetooth connection between two devices either fixed or mobile. It operates in 2.4GHz band and covers distance of 30 to 50 meters. Data rate upto 1 Mbps can be achieved with bluetooth devices. Initial version was published as IEEE 802.15.1 and later on bluetooth specifications are maintained and managed by Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group).

Initially it has been developed as replacement of RS232 serial connection, now it has become daily need of human beings. Bluetooth is used for various applications such as real time voice, video, internet browsing, data file transfer etc. There are various versions available to support different data rates and coverage distances such as V1.1, V1.2, V2.0, V2.2, V3.0, V4.0, V4.1, etc. The bluetooth V4.0 is known as Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth smart.

About Headphones: These are devices which are worn around the human ears in order to listen the voice or music. These devices convert electrical signal to acoustic signal. Hence they are known as electroacoustic transducers. There are two types of headphones one comes as pair while the other comes as single individual units. Single unit is known as earbuds while pair unit is known as headphones. They have functionality similar to loudspeakers used for high volume sound re-production.

Features of Bluetooth Headphones

The headphones which operate using bluetooth frequency and bluetooth technology is known as bluetooth headphones.

Following features are very useful in selecting right bluetooth headphones:
• Headphones come either with low impedance or high impedance. Low impedance headphones output is louder and more efficient and the battery will last for longer duration.
• Check for availability of amplifier in bluetooth headphones, now-a-days headphones come equipped with amplifiers and hence will produce loudable sound output.
• Check for noise cancellation feature, it helps in producing crystal clear sound in the presence of noise and other background noise by filtering unwanted signals.
• Sensitivity of headphone: It is a measure of how effectively headphones convert incoming signal to the audible sound output. It is measured in dB/mWatt.
• Type of headphone: There are different types of headphones based on their design e.g. circumaural, earbud, supra-aural and in-ear type. There are advantages and disadvantages of each of them. One has to buy the bluetooth headphones as per their need or application of use.
• Pricing: Last but the list price of bluetooth headphone is very important for your purchase decision.

bluetooth headphones

Figure-1 depicts some of the best bluetooth headphones available in 2016.

Vendors/manufacturers of Bluetooth devices including Bluetooth headphones

There exists many bluetooth devices which include tablets, mobile phones, media players, robots, laptops, game equipments, headsets, watches, speakers, mouse, keyboard, Bluetooth USB drive, bluetooth headphones and so on. Following are the reputed manufacturers/vendors of bluetooth devices.

Vendors Bluetooth Devices available
Sony Bluetooth headsets and other bluetooth products
LG Bluetooth headphones etc.
Sennheiser Bluetooth products
Bose Bluetooth speakers, headsets etc.
Plantronics wireless headsets etc.

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