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Blockchain Cloud storage Companies | Blockchain in Cloud storage

This page mentions list of Blockchain Cloud storage companies. It mentions small to large companies providing blockchain cloud storage services across the world.

What is Blockchain Cloud Storage

Blockchain technology is built using peer to peer networking. In this technology, anyone can join the network and there is no central authority to manage it. It is operated by people, called miners. Each blockchain, each block stores data of the transaction, its hash code and previous block's hash code. So whenever a new block is being created, it is validated by majority of peers or miners on that network.
Refer Blockchain cloud storage >> for blockchain cloud storage basics, its benefits and difference with traditional cloud storage.

How BlockChain Works

Many startup companies are entering into blockchain market. Hence entire business is taking new shape. It is the latest and cheapest way to avail cloud storage. Many small entities offer best computing power along with larger space to store the data.

List of Blockchain Cloud storage Companies

Following table lists blockchain cloud storage companies.

companies Description
Amazon • AWS based blockchain solutions
• Features include framework flexibility to develop blockchain applications, one click deployment, Global reach and so on.
•  Link: https://aws.amazon.com/partners/blockchain/
Sia • Nebulous, Inc. 67 Batterymarch St., Floor 4, Boston, MA 02110 USA
• The company offers peer-to-peer network with blockchain technology to deliver world's first de-centralized storage platform.
• Link: https://sia.tech/technology
• Email : hello@sia.tech
Storj • Storj Labs Inc., 3423 Piedmont Road NE, Suite 475, Atlanta, Georgia, 30305, United States
• The company offers decentralized cloud storage which is automatically encrypted and easily implemented.
• Link: https://storj.io/
Google • Google has partnered with Digital Asset to develop tools for building blockchain based apps.
Microsoft • Azure Blockchain workbench to develop, test, and deploy secure blockchain apps.
• Link: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-in/solutions/blockchain/
Samsung • Nexledger is a Blockchain platform built for enterprise, empowering your organization to take control of distributed transactions securely and conveniently.
• The company also offers cloud storage services such as samsung cloud. • Link: https://www.samsungsds.com/global/en/solutions/off/nexledger/Nexledger.html
Apple • The company offers cloud storage service such as iCloud for end users.

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