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Biosensor manufacturers | Manufacturers of Biosensors

This page mentions biosensor manufacturers. It mentions features of biosensors from popular manufacturers or vendors.

The analytical device which detects analyte and combines it with physico-chemical detector or transducer is known as Biosensor. Biosensor consits of bio-receptor, transducer and electronics circuit with display unit.

Biosensor detects physical change in the input due to biological element. The embedded transducer element in the biosensor transforms physical change into electrical signal. This electrical signal is amplified and processed to display in measurable form.


The biological material is im-mobilized by conventional methods. This immobilized biological material is in contact with the transducer. The analyte binds to biological material to form bound analyte. This consecutively produces electronic response which can be measured. There are different types of biosensors based on their working principle viz. Piezoelectric sensor, Electrochemical sensor, Optical sensor etc.

Biosensor Manufacturers

Following table mentions popular Biosensor manufacturers.

Manufacturers Description
Abbott Laboratories Medical Appliances & Equipment. United States
Becton, Dickinson and Company manufacturers of medical devices, systems and instruments, United States
MediaTek The company has introduced MT6381 Smartphone Biosensor for health measurements.
BioDot Custom biosensor manufacturer
SD Biosensor, Inc. South Korea
Telkonet, Inc. Waukesha, WI
Pinnacle Technology, Inc. Lawrence, KS
Eastprint, Inc. North Andover, MA
Illumina, Inc., US Manufactures systems for analysis of genetic variation and biological function
Hologic, Inc. US Manufacturer of diagnostics products, imaging systems etc.

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