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This page mentions list of biosensor companies. It provides manufacturers or companies which manufacture Biosensors of different types. It mentions selection parameters to be considered for purchasing biosensors for desired application.

What is Biosensor?

The analytical device which detects analyte and combines it with physico-chemical detector or transducer is known as Biosensor. Biosensor consits of bio-receptor, transducer and electronics circuit with display unit.

Bioreceptor is a bio-molecule which recognizes target analyte. The transducer element converts recognition event into measurable signal such as electrical signal. This electrical signal is amplified and processed to display in appropriate measurement unit or format.

Figure 1 : Biosensor diagram

The two components viz. bioreceptor and transducer are integrated on single sensor. The biosensor diagram depicts components typically available in a biosensor. For example, glucose measurement can easily be done by simply dipping specially designed biosensor into the sample. Biosensors are simple in construction and quick in measurements. There are different types of biosensors based on their working principles viz. Piezoelectric sensor, Electrochemical sensor, Optical sensor etc.

Biosensor selection parameters

Following specifications or parameters are considered in selecting biosensor for use.
• Sensitivity : It is the measure of response of biosensor to per unit change in analyte concentration.
• Selectivity : It is the ability of the biosensor to respond only to desired target analyte and ignore other interfering chemicals.
• Range : It is the concentration range over which biosensor sensitivity is good. It is also known as dynamic range or linearity.
• Response time : It is the time required to indicate 63 % of its final response due to step change in analyte concentration.
• Reproducibility : It is the accuracy with which biosensor output can be achieved.
• Detection time : It is the lowest concentration of analyte to which measurable response is available from biosensor.
• Stability : This parameter characterizes change in its sensitivity (or baseline) over constant period of time.
• Life time : It is the time period over which biosensor can be used without any performance degradation.

The biosensor companies consider many factors in the development of biosensors. It involves selection of suitable bioreceptor, immobilization method, design of transducer and packaging. The manufacturers finalize various specifications of biosensor such as measurement range, linearity, sensitivity, selectivity etc. as mentioned above.

List of Biosensor companies or Biosensor manufacturers

Following table mentions list of Biosensor companies involved in design, development and manufacturing of the biosensors. These biosensor manufacturers are specialized in the development of sensors for different bio-applications.

Companies or manufacturers Biosensor types
Abbott Laboratories The company offers wearable biosensors which measure biometric signals and can be used by both professionals and athletes. It can be used to measure glucose, lactate and ketones.
Refer for more information.
Renesas Electronics Corporation The company develops biosensors to monitor vital health parameters such as blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and respiration rate. These biosensors can be integrated on mobile devices and consumer electronic devices. They include biosensor, microcontroller and display in single units. Visit for more information.
Sensirion AG The company develops and manufactures sensor solutions for air quality sensing, humidity sensing, CO2 sensing, temperature sensing etc. Visit for more information.
MediaTek The company has introduced MT6381 Smartphone Biosensor for health measurements. It measures six parameters viz. SpO2, blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability, ECG and PPG.
Visit for more information.
Abionic SA The company develops nanotechnology based biosensors which takes biological samples (e.g. blood) as input and provides rapid detection and quantification of specific biomarkers. Visit
LifeSignals The company develops wearable biosensors for single use and other purposes. It can transmit biological data wirelessly and remotely. Various parameters can be measured by these biosensors which include ECG, Heart rate, event indicator, respiration rate, body posture, skin temperature, body temperature, heart rate variability and SpO2. Visit
Profusa Inc. The company develops implantable biosensors for continuous monitoring of body chemistry for longer duration. Visit for more information.

There are many more biosensor companies which include DNA Electronics, Electrozyme, CytoSMART Technologies, Genspeed Biotech etc. Refer biosensor article >> for different types of biosensors.

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