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Battery Management ICs | Manufacturers or Vendors

This page covers list of Battery Management ICs Manufacturers or Vendors. The popular manufacturers of Battery Management ICs include TI, STMicroelectronics, Analog Devices, Maxim Integrated, ROHM etc.

Introduction: Advancements in battery space are fueling the growth of its use in electric vehicles, wireless speakers, high voltage power tools, energy storage and other high voltage equipments. Moreover efficiency of the battery has been improved with respect to its size and weight recently.

Battery management system consists of various functional modules/blocks viz. fuel gauge/current monitoring IC, cell voltage monitor, cutoff FETs, RTC (Real Time Clock), temperature monitoring sensor and other battery management ICs. These battery management ICs are used to protect individual cells and battery packs from over-charge, over-current, over-discharge, short-circuit and open-circuit conditions.

Battery Management ICs manufacturers

Following table mentions Battery Management ICs vendors or manufacturers.

Company Description
Texas Instruments (TI) Part Number : TPS65011
• Visit Website : ti.com for more information
STMicroelectronics Part numbers : STBC02 and STBC03
• Visit Website : st.com for more information
Analog Devices The company offers various battery management ICs including battery charger ICs, battery backup ICs, battery charger controllers, battery cell balancers etc.
• Visit Website : analog.com for more information
ROHM semiconductor Part Number : BD71815AGW
• Visit Website : rohm.com for more information
Renesas Electronics Corporation Part number : ISL78714
The IC offers accurate cell voltage and temp. monitoring in addition to cell balancing and other system diagnostics. It can be used to protect 14 cell Li-Ion battery packs.
• Visit Website : renesas.com for more information

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