Analog Devices DDS | Analog devices launched DDS chip

Analog Devices DDS chips are very popular.Analog Devices has launched DDS recently. Analog Devices DDS chip has features such as high speed, low step size and better phase noise.

AD9851 Analog Devices DDS chip is widely used in many applications. The applications are frequency synthesizer, clock and timing circuits, Oscillator, Transmitter etc. For more information refer DDS basics.

Following are the factors which are required in order to select right Analog Devices DDS chip.
• Number of channels
• Clock input frequency(max.)
• Reference clock multiplier available or not
• Tuning word width in bits
• DAC resolution
• Programming interface (serial or parallel)
• Supply voltage

About Analog Devices

Since it's inception in 1965 Analog Devices has been leader in design, manufacture & marketing of various analog, digital and mixed signal products.

Analog Devices cover in various field of engineering. It include various marketing segments such as test and measurement, communications, defense, Aerospace, automotive, consumer and energy products, healthcarem security etc.

Analog Devices have different categories of products which include RF, microwave, communications, electronics, signal processing etc.

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