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Alexa Voice Assistant Chipsets | Google Voice Assistant Chipsets

This page mentions Vendors or manufacturers of alexa Voice Assistant Chipsets and Google Voice Assistant Chipsets. These chipsets are compliant to Amazon alexa and google voice services.

What are Voice Assistant devices ?

Voice Assistant Devices (VADs) help users to control smart home products for various activities such as lighting control, playing music on speakers, voice calling, e-commerce shopping, book an appointment and so on.

Popular VADs include Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

"Google home assistant" can be used for various functions for users such as voice commands, voice searching and other voice activated device control. It requires users to issue specific words such as "OK Google" or "Hey, Google" before asking for tasks to be performed. Google Home is priced at $129.

Amazon Echo Alexa device is always on listening device. Alexa devices require WiFi connection and requires connection to amazon servers. Amazon Echo is priced at $179.99. There are other numerous amazon alexa devices which include Amazon echo dot, Echo show, Echo spot, Echo wall clock, Echo tap, Echo audio, Echo sub, Amazon basics microwave and so on.

Alexa Voice Assistant Chipsets | Google Voice Assistant Chipsets

Following are the manufacturers of chipsets which are compliant to offer voice assistant devices such as Alexa and Google.

MT8516 SoC developed by MediaTek is one of the application processing platform which focuses on audio as well as microphone processing connecitivies. It is designed to support cloud enabled voice assistant devices. MT8516 houses quad cores with 64 bit ARM cortex A35 which operates at 1.3 GHz.
Following are the typical features of MT8516 chipset.
• It supports Google Cast for audio and uses MediaTek PowerAQ tool to provide easy to use GUI.
• It supports WiFi (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.2V and USB 2.0.
• It supports interfaces which include DMIC, I2S, fast ethernet, HDMI 1.4 with ARC, TDM (upto 8 channels), PDM inputs (2 channels), 3 channel audio DAC/ADC etc.
• It uses various memory types such as LPDDR2, DDR3, DDR4, LPDDR3, DDR3L.

MediaTek MT8516 with Far-Field Algorithm offers amazon alexa voice assistant services. Other features include echo cancellation, noise reduction, de-reverberation, AGC (Auto Gain Control), Source Localization, Beamforming and so on.

Conexant is also making audio processing chips/kits which is approved by Alexa voice services.
Intel is making smart home platform kit (also called Smart Home Hub) and smart speakers housing alexa services.
Syntiant's Neural Decision Processor chips viz. NDP100 and NDP101 are certified by amazon to be used in variety of alexa based devices. The company Syntiant is AI chip start-up based in Irvine, California, US.
Qualcomm has developed SoCs and other platforms to support smart audio products. The SoCs include QCS400 series (QCS405 SoC, QCS404 SoC, QCS403 SoC), smart audio platform 200 and smart audio platform 400. Refer qualcomm.com for more information.

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