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The page covers 5G RF Filter Manufacturers or 5G NR filter vendors. The popular manufacturers of 5G NR filter are QorVo, Qualcomm/RF360 Holdings, Murata, Skyworks, Taiyo Yuden, Broadcom, Akoustis Technologies etc.

What is 5G NR filter ?

5G NR (New Radio) system has been recently published by 3GPP in December 2017. It follows LTE technology called as 4G. There are two frequency bands supported by 5G NR devices viz. FR1 and FR2. FR1 is from 450 to 6000 MHz where as FR2 is from 24250 to 52600 MHz. The filters designed for use in 5G NR devices are known ad 5G NR filters.

The filters used should support less than 6 GHz and greater than 6 GHz bands. Various methods have been followed since years in RF filter designs. Following table summarizes common filter technologies.

Filter type Frequency range
SAW filter Up to 2.5 GHz
BAW filter Up to 6 GHz
FBAR filter Up to 10 GHz
Dielectric Waveguide Up to ~ 30 GHz
Waveguide Up to ~ 80 GHz
On chip Up to ~ 70 GHz
Microstrip Up to ~ 70 GHz

As mentioned in the table, SAW filters address the requirement of RF filters up to 2.5 GHz and BAW filters up to 6 GHz. The other filter types address mmwave (millimeter wave) band requirements of 5G NR devices. FBAR type address requirements of 5G filter up to 10 GHz. Waveguide filter and cavity filter are used for frequency range from 20GHz to 80 GHz.

Following are the parameters or criteria is used in selection of appropriate 5G filter for your 5G NR development.
• Percent Bandwidth
• Selectivity
• Insertion Loss
• Size and Packaging
• Temperature stability
• Power Handling
• Filter Placement

5G NR systems need RF filters with high percent bandwidths, excellent temperature stability, low insertion loss, transmit power as per range requirement, good selectivity and so on.

5G NR Filter Manufacturers for RF Filter need

Following table mentions 5G NR filter Manufacturers with model or part numbers and technical features used in 5G NR standard based designs.

5G NR filter Manufacturers Description
QorVo • The company offers RF filters in frequency range from 400 MHz to 2.7 GHz. They are designed as per SAW and BAW filter technologies. They can be used for different wireless standards viz. GPS, ISM, WiFi , Bluetooth and so on.
• The QorVo offers multiplexer architecture based filters for LTE-advanced and 5G architectures. They are available in the form of duplexer (e.g. Part Number QM23002, QM23003, QM23007), Quadplexer (Part Number QM25002), Hexaplexer (QM26001,QM26002) and Pentaplexer (QM26003).
• The 5G NR filters can be used for carrier aggregation and EN-DC modes.
• Visit Website : QorVo.com
Qualcomm / TDK-EPCOS ( RF360 Holdings ) • The Qualcomm offers various 5g NR solutions such as mmwave antennas and other RF front end solutions e.g. PA, RF Switch, LNA, Filter, power trackers etc.
• The company offers embedded and discrete diplexers, duplexers, extractors, acoustic filters with various types such as SAW, BAW and TC-SAW filters.
• Website : rffe.qualcomm.com
Murata (is designing 5G filters using Resonant's XBAR technology) • The company offers ultra small size SAW devices for RF filtering and duplexer needs of mobile phones and other 5G NR devices.
• The devices cover frequency range from 800 MHz to 2.6 GHz.
• Website : murata.com
Skyworks and Panasonic Joint Venture • Skyworks offers wideband filters for 5G pass band requirements with wide bandwidth up to 900 MHz. This 5G filters offer lowest insertion loss and can provide tough coexistence driven by dual connectivity.
• This wideband filters support sub-6 GHz applications in n77, n78 and n79 bands.
• Website : skyworksinc.com
TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD. • The company offers FBAR, SAW and multilayer ceramic filter devices to be used in 5G NR devices.
• SAW filters cover 0.6 to 2.7 GHz, FBAR filters cover 1.7 to 3.8 Ghz and Multilayer ceramic filters cover 0.4 to 30 GHz frequency range.
• Website : yuden.co.jp
Broadcom (Avago) •  Broadcom offers FBAR filters which can deliver ultra smaller size, high rejection and low insertion loss. The filters can deliver proven performance in high power and temperature conditions.
•  Model : ACPF series
• Website : broadcom.com
Akoustis Technologies • Model : 5G mobile XBAW filter
• The company offers BAW filters for sub-6 GHz frequency spectrum which can be used in 5G NR system.
• Website : akoustis.com

Also refer application note on 5G mmwave filter >>.

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